Sony’s E3 Show Was More Remarkable for the Games That Weren’t There


You came wanting more 'Last of Us.' You left with the VR 'Skyrim' nobody needs.

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sony was a huge disappointment but like we can’t realistically expect every E3 to be full of incredible new titles. game dev is like managing a sports team, sometimes you have rebuilding years where you just dont have anything cause its all in development. like yeah it was kinda bland but it makes total sense to me that that’ll happen every so often


The circle of the industry: One company does well and “wins” the generation. it the grows a bit complacent over the following years and gradually loses its edge by resting on it’s laurels, while the other company works overtime to shoot the gap and catch up with the winner of the previous generation.

Meanwhile, Nintendo imports a bunch of rabbits and study them for further gameplay innovation.