'Soulcalibur VI' is a Return to Fighting Form

Soulcalibur VI is the latest in the storied fighting game series, six years from its closest predecessor, but the wait has somehow felt even longer. The eight-way, free-range clash of sword and steel has tiptoed between niche interest and timeless classic depending on which entry you randomly pull from a hat, so it’s not too surprising that VI feels like a homecoming. It harkens back to the simple, straightforward brawling that still holds some folks’ hearts in a warm grip of nostalgia.

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How many points does it get on the score because you can make Gritty?

My large son Astaroth can still ring out people from halfway across the map, which means this game is incredible


And when Astaroth wins a round by Ring Out, some of his moves get buffed in the next round. It’s a beautiful circle.


i’ve never been interested in fighting games but this one intrigues me because it allows for my favorite video game activity: making lots of stupid ocs and sharing them online