Soundtracks You Love for Games You Don't Play


I love the soundtrack for Risk of Rain. So much so that Youtube will randomly throw “Dew Point” into the queue for me when I’m shuffling through random video game songs.

I also have played… maybe an hour, of Risk of Rain? I don’t dislike the game, but I never quite latched onto anything in it besides its songs. I think I have listened to Dew Point for more collective minutes than I have spent actually playing the game.

And this makes me curious—are there any soundtracks you love for games you haven’t played? Don’t enjoy playing? Actively dislike? Were there any games you’ve played because you found the soundtrack first and thought “damn, now I have to see this live”? Or do you only engage with soundtracks for games you enjoy on some level?


One of the best original soundtracks of all time and I have probably played the actual game for less than an hour.


Two games / series come to mind. First, is the Touhou franchise. I’ve played them a bit before, but they’re just too hard to obtain to actually play, so I’ve only played a few hours of the entire series. That said, the soundtracks are almost always phenomenal, and probably don’t need an introduction.

The next game that comes to mind requires a bit more explanation. In ~2012, I came across an album named Sailing to the World, by Yasunori Mitsuda (of Chrono Trigger fame). I liked the songs I heard off of the album, but never looked into it much further than that. A few years later, I remember the album out of nowhere and go looking for it again, only to learn something I hadn’t known before: Sailing to the World was not just a selection of compositions by Mitsuda, but rather was a compilation of songs Mitsuda had composed for a game, referred to only as “Seventh Seal”.
I tried looking into the game, and was surprised to find barely any information about it, despite having Mitsuda as the composer. I’ve tried on and off to search for it ever since, but outside of a handful of short videos and an article written about it back in the early 2000s, there’s almost no info out there about The Seventh Seal: Resurrection of the Dark Lord, meaning my chances of ever playing it are slim to none. Despite that, the music is pretty nice.


Sure, there’s probably more games I only have the soundtrack for than games I enjoy playing at the moment.
(The current crop of difficult platforms, from Shovel Knight onward, has great soundtracks, which I own, but I don’t enjoy playing any of them.
But this goes back to the originals - and remixes of them - the Metroid and Castlevania games, I’ve only played tiny bits of [less than an hour of SuperMetroid, in an emulator, a tiny bit of Castlevania 2], but their soundtracks are iconic.
Edited to add: it’s not all platformers - I really like, say Super Meat Boy and its soundtrack, and similarly VVVVV and its soundtrack - or just platformers - I’ve never met a Zelda game, or a Final Fantasy game, that I have been able to get on with, but I think some of them have great music and design. )
Generally, I have an issue with great soundtracks for games I don’t want to play not being available separately, so the whole Bandcamp hosting trend has been good for me. (Previously, I would have to buy the ‘special edition’ of a game to ‘legally’ get the soundtrack as an extra, which is fine if you want the game too…}


Never played it, but I really enjoy the soundtrack of El Shaddai: Ascension of the Metatron:


Nerd goosebumps for an era that I didn’t interact with at all.

Special shoutouts to obscure From RPG Evergrace, which has the most outrageous OST I’ve ever heard for a game that was presumably put on shelves. I wouldn’t know. I never played it.


I already got beat to Kota Hoshino’s absurdly good Evergrace OST but the entire OST fucking rules so listen to it anyway. the music for the psuedo-sequel forever kingdom is way more reminiscent of his later Armored Core stuff but is similarly incredibly good.

Other than that the Ridge Racer games have some extremely good rave stuff across the franchise. I extremely respect them mostly for having a constant through line of putting pretty good gabber songs in there. Tekken’s mainly the reason I actively search out all the Namco Sound Team stuff but I think Ridge Racer’s where a lot of their best material is at outside of Tekken itself.

Edit: speaking of bamco I guess Idolmaster also counts? Most of it’s either bad or forgettable but there are some serious bangers if you look hard enough. Case in point taku inoue’s good as hell composition for crazy crazy:


Very broadly speaking I’d say a lot of the music in the Smash Bros. games is often my first exposure to those songs since I don’t play a ton of NIntendo games.

As for some specific examples, I used to bump Mick Gordon’s work (he mostly did the character themes for seasons 1 & 2) on the latest Killer Instinct game long before I ever got a chance to play it.

Never played Let’s Tap but some of the songs on this OST really stick with you. Lotta really upbeat and joyous stuff here.

Some serious PSX energy on this one.


I will listen to any Hideki Naganuma soundtrack, whether I play the game or not.

Not owning a Xbox One during the time Killer Instinct was still alive is one of my biggest gaming regrets. That game was legit, but no one in my local FGC had an Xbox One, nor a powerful enough laptop for local weeklies once it hit PC.

My personal favourite track:


Final Fantasy XIV (planning to play it sometime this year to get up to level for the Nier stuff)

Ace Combat


NEOTOKYO is a free team shooter in the Source engine. It’s pretty standard affair, with a few neat ideas thrown in. There’s not many players anymore, so you’d be hard pressed to find matches going on nowadays

It also has one of the best cyberpunk soundtracks I’ve ever fucking heard

(full soundtrack here)


Despite Fallout 76’s flaws, Inon Zur’s score is ALWAYS top notch.


i like alot of stuff from neir and bayonetta and i never even touched those games