Spaceplan (a Clicker)


Had this downloaded for a few weeks after the guys at GB talked about it. Fired it up a couple of days ago and must say I am finding it pretty great. It is a clicker yes, but some decent writing in there and the way it introduces the upgrades regularly makes me feel like I am progressing well without resorting to too much tapping.

Good fun.


I made a quick auto clicker for it in browser if anyone is interested:

function sleep (time) {
return new Promise((resolve) => setTimeout(resolve, time));
function sleepRepeat() {
sleep(1).then(() => {



Just run it in the console.


I just finished this. Actually think it is pretty damn good, certainly interesting. Neat ending as well.


Are you playing the browser version or the Steam version? Apparently the Steam version has some additional things at the end that go beyond normal clicker stuff.


Playing on Android. From what I can gather from the latest Bombcast, yes there has been an update and what I was doing at the end was not in the earlier/browser versions.


Played it on iPhone. It might… it might rate on my personal top ten of the year? It is a quality product that takes you on an adventure, to be sure.