Speculative science fiction, MS Paint and the NFL - the latest masterpiece from Jon Bois


New piece of Jon Bois stories about dystopic American football? I’m down.

Also, if there are people who don’t know who Jon Bois is, the very first response to this thread links to All is Lost. It’s a good entry point and is also maybe the best piece of basketball fiction to come out in years. Go watch Pretty Good as well.


I have zero interest in any sports with the possible exception of I guess I will get into curling if it’s on. Nonetheless, Jon Bois is one of my favourite writers and I look forward to everything he does. when he writes about sports, even when it is less removed from real world sports than 17776 and he is just talking about like, a specific game, or a player he likes, or unusual football scores (scorigami). I’ll read those pieces and it’s like the Rosetta Stone where suddenly, for the time it takes that piece to pass through my brain I can begin to understand what sports fans see in them.

A lot of his pieces are almost deconstructions of sports, in a very literal sense where it’s like a child taking apart a clock to see how it works, Jon Bois takes sports apart to see what makes them tick, sometimes he removes some pieces to see if it still works without them. For the most literal example of this, and pursuant to this forum, if you haven’t already I STRONGLY recommend you check out Breaking Madden where he takes Madden and creates abominations. what Monster Factory does to human bodies Breaking Madden did to the concept of a Football game.


You want to talk deconstruction… my go-to Jon Bois gateway drug for non-sports folks is the Pretty Good episode on 24.

Long story short, 24 was an experiment on just how much suffering they could inflict on one character and still get people to watch. But that only scratches the surface of the video.



New chapters out!


The Tim Teebow CFL Chronicles is such a stupid things it great, but it’s also produced one of my favourite paragraphs in fiction.

We are small. We are nothing. We are such nothing that the universe does not acknowledge that we are even here, and it never will. Accept that. And now, stand on this line, and look at that quarterback, and drill the fuck out of him. Nothing you do will be more important, because nothing you do will be important.

I also find it interesting that he’s from the same city as Dan Ryckert. They have such a similar brand of stupid that I have to wonder if they had the same third grade teacher or something.


To quote Nine:

God damn.


There’s something about this that makes me feel like I’m reading a really good short play


There’s something poetic about watching computer generated people play sports so terribly.

Was lucky enough to start reading 17776 from some random twitter link, had never heard of the author so had no idea what I was in for.

From my perspective , sports themselves are mindcrushingly boring, but the human circus tent pitched around them can’t be denied.
You could argue that wrestling grasped this a long time ago


Shit, guys, @sputnik is talking to us. It’s already starting.

The one bad thing about being a fan of both Jon Bois and baseball is that every once in a while he will cut you to the quick.

This might’ve been my favorite little exchange so far, because, 1: after 200 years of tracking, Juice doesn’t know the difference between a rake and a hoe, and 2: I’m pretty sure the only people this has ever actually happened to are Bob and Cecil Terwilliger.


How did this fandom happen so fast

Edit: What the future of football will actually look like:


If you want to imagine my voice, it’s a Russian WWF heel, circa 1980’s.

Story is still going strong, I like today’s allegory of a fucked up football game as a futuristic capitalist zoo.


New Chapter thoughts: Sid Meir’s National Football League


Even if I wasn’t planning to re-up my WorldCon membership for 2018, which, of course, I was, I would do it just so I can nominate this for a Hugo. I’m just not exactly sure what category to put it in. Short story? Graphical? They don’t really have a good place for mixed-media presentations like this.


If you like 17776 I highly recommend checking out What you can find of The Dugout, a thing Jon Bois co-wrote with a couple other Progressive Boink writers.

Unfortunately like most PB stuff a lot of it is lost to time.

I’ll always treasure Ji
Jim Thome


Poynter has an interesting little piece on some of the work that went into 17776 from Jon and Graham Macaree, the guy who designed the backend.


I’ve been reading this and really enjoying it. I can honestly say I know jack dick about football outside of the basics and the risks, but this manages to be interesting just the same.

The thing that concerns me about this is that people might go into this expecting something heavy on the sci-fi, but it’s mostly just set dressing.

I do wish people would stop taking potshots at Florida tho. It’s getting old and it’s not really all that funny to me anymore, since I literally have no choice but to live here.


Just caught up today, read chapters 6 through 20 and damn this is still so good. I didn’t expect the story to be about immortality and what time even means when you have infinite of it. Really made me think a couple times. Also has some quotable lines. I’m partial to " “this IS capitalism you donk”


[Majel Barrett voice:] And now, the conclusion.

The business with the lightbulb was absolutely gutting, wasn’t it.

Agh, that hard cut to the battery almost did me in.

What a strange thing this was.


I didn’t really keep up with this during the week, so I figured I’d try to finish it tonight, but I just got through the Eddie Krieger section and I think I need a break. The Lacrecia Evans part might’ve been my favorite so far, but Eddie was severely depressing.

So many good little lines, too…

.Random operators love to evenly distribute.

.“Wait, that sun was just setting. Is it rising again?” “Yeah” “What happened to it? What happened to the sun?” “LOL nothing. It’s Alaska, dumbass.”

.And I get scared. And I think, “this can’t be Heaven if I’m getting scared, right?” And then I think, “maybe I am in Heaven, and Heaven is scary.”


this was good. .


10/10 from me.

Although I’m weirdly annoyed that my current office building still stands in 17776. I hope a football game knocks it down.