Speculative science fiction, MS Paint and the NFL - the latest masterpiece from Jon Bois


2017: A good year for stories about robots 10,000+ years in the future trying to figure out humanity and themselves.


The Tim Tebow CFL Chronicles were previously mentioned but not linked. I don’t like our timeline’s Tebow very much, but if you’re looking for more speculative Football fun times, this will scratch that itch.

Man, Bois is able to tap into some of the same magic that Hussie has, but in a much more focussed way. Definitely a creator I’m going to keep a closer eye on.


This was an absolute delight. If the videos aren’t working for y’all as they aren’t for me, Bois has put them up on his YouTube channel, one at the end of each chapter. There’s an “interview with the author” at the end of the final chapter I can’t seem to track down though.


since this is also kind of a general jon bois appreciation thread, gonna say I love how good he is at making something I normally wouldn’t care about fascinating

the episode of pretty good about pro poker is my go-to example of this https://youtu.be/CTUZ2SrSxsA

edit: oh, and it’s worth noting that, after a certain point, some of his videos started going up on the sbnation youtube instead of his personal one, so you may need to do some digging there.


This is probably my favorite episode of pretty good! He’s so good at making things that seem mundane interesting or finding obscure stories and relaying them in a simple way!


Continuing the Jon Bois appreciation thread (and tying into WPR’s recent discussion of watching the NFL and injury in sports):

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