‘Spelunky’ Fans Expose 8-Year World Record Holder as a Cheater

For eight years, a player who goes by BarryMode held the world record for beating the original Spelunky as fast as possible. Because most people, speedrunners included, moved onto the much more popular Spelunky HD in 2012, BarryMode's incredible run of two minutes and 30 seconds held firm for nearly a decade. 

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“Speedrun cheater’s YouTube channel is now home to a bunch of right-winger memes” is simultaneously the most and least surprising thing in this story.


Strangely, BarryMode refused to fully embrace the notion that they’d cheated to achieve the record, claiming “the run is real in every way, except that I eliminated the ‘starting over’ factor in order.”

Is it really all that strange for the guy posting right wing memes to not want to admit that he cheated?