Spending 2 Action Points to Find a TRPG

Hello All,

Boring first post (sorry). Last year on the Waypoint podcast Austin recommended a tactical turn based rpg for the PC. At the time I was very interested, but did not have a computer. I’ve finally saved up and gotten one, but can’t for the life of me remember the name of the game Austin mentioned.

He described it as follows:
-Tactical grid based rpg
-Character Class system with many “job” options.
-Sprites & pixel art?
-A ship was involved in overland travel.
-Creative combat options (creating fire, then moving enemies into it, or moving the fire to attack indirectly)
-Combat puzzle dungeons (his example included high armor enemies defeated by above fire strat.)

If anyone can recall the game, Podcast episode or any other info I’d really appreciate it!

Mods: If there’s a subforum for this and I missed it, I apologize.

Edit: Thank you all for the Help! “Horizon’s Gate” is definitely what I was looking for. Appreciate it!

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This sounds like Horizon’s Gate.

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Yeah, I think ep. 307 he talked about Horizon’s Gate? (eta: And episode 310!)

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Aye, here be Horizon’s Gate:

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