Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse [spoiler thread]





Some semi-cogent thoughts before I sleep on it.

Miles’ complicated relationship with his father and the constellation of father figures he adopts are the emotional core of the film. I could have even used more of it.

The animation is gorgeous, full-stop. A synaesthetic experience. You think you know how good it looks from the trailers, but on a big screen, you have to see it to believe it.

I loved the 4th-wall-leaning frame story narration (and repetition). It really tied the world together when it could have very easily fallen apart under the weight of a half dozen backstories to run through.

Gwen Stacy is criminally underused (and a little weird that old Peter doesn’t recognize or remark on her name at all?). I guess they have to save some for the sequel.

98% on Rotten Tomatoes and it deserves every penny.


Gwen definitely underused! Is there a comics storyline explanation why Gwen wouldn’t be part of his universe, like she was only involved in certain Spiderman comics (Amazing vs Ultimate)? I’m no expert for sure.

Honestly though just such a good movie front to back. Everything felt so alive, Miles is an amazing character, and so many little easter eggs and change ups. The movie honestly trumps Insomniac’s Spiderman game in terms of tweaks to Spiderman lore.


Heck yeah, this film is absolutely amazing! From the moment I saw the teaser trailer I knew we were in for something special.

It’s a miracle this film exists and I was honestly surprised Sony allowed it to happen. The US animation industry is incredibly risk averse and there’s no precedent for a highly stylized super hero film that expertly blends 3D and 2D animation, written with young adults in mind.

I was so happy to see Miles and Gwen and brand new animation techniques! This film is a game changer and there is literally nothing else like it. I suspect that it will have a radical effect on the animation industry. Hopefully studios will have more leeway to experiment and be creative. I’m so tired of the rote, round pixar look.

The film did so well with audiences during testing that they’ve already greenlit a sequel and a spinoff film that will heavily feature all of your favorite spider-women including Gwen, Cindy Moon, and Jessica Drew.

What a time to be alive, truly. :’)


This film rocks – I am super happy to hear that there’s going to be more content focusing on Gwen, since I could understand why she is a distant third to Miles and Peter.

It’s a superb film. Not just in terms of its animation, but the cohesiveness of its narrative (which has so many potential stumbling blocks) and how it weaves in subplots for our main spider-people while keeping Miles in the centre.

It’s incredible.

Looking forward to the sequel! Mostly for this bad boy…



I just got back from seeing Spider-verse, and while there is a ton to like, I came away a bit disappointed that it fundamentally is another Spider-Man origin story. Don’t get me wrong, this is a really well done origin story, one that smartly riffs on what you would expect, but it’s still doing a lot more table setting than it needs to. Spider-Man Homecoming was a breath of fresh air by starting the story with a young Spidey who was nonetheless competent as a superhero. That movie understood that audiences already know what happened, and if they didn’t, could figure it out from context. I get that Spider-verse is introducing a new Spider-man that isn’t as familiar to film audiences, but I think the movie could have been stronger had we started with a Miles who, while still new to the whole thing, had the basics down. The middle of the movie felt a bit weighed down to me with constant gags and references to the fact that Miles couldn’t go invisible or venom strike on command. Yeah, I get that there’s a learning curve, but let’s get to the black graffiti suit and webslinging already!

But overall I still enjoyed it. The movie is genuinely funny and has great character work all around. The animation is gorgeous (and the kinetic camera feels amazing in DBox), and ultimately it sets up a sequel that should be incredible. Also, I may be basic af, but that post-credits Spider-meme gag put a big grin on my face.

Anyone see this in 3D? How the movie does focus and the rest of the style seems like it could really effectively utilize 3D.

I saw it 3D and enjoyed it a lot, but I did feel that it got a little busy during the action sequences, though not distractingly so. I’m planning to see it again in 2D for comparison and will report back. If you’re not one who often sees movies in 3D, I wouldn’t splurge (unless you have AMC A List or something).

I can’t wait to see this solely for Cage. I’m sure it’s a great movie for a lot of reasons, but Nic Cage as Spider-Man Noir has me over the moon excited.

First of all: really really loved this movie! My partner and I saw it 2 days ago and we’ve continued to think and talk about it since.

While I agree that Spider-Gwen was a little underused in this movie, I was actually really surprised how much I liked her in this!

I read volume 0 of her comics and found that I didn’t fully buy into the tone of her universe. There’s the typical Spidey quippery but it doesn’t feel like it manages to effectively juxtapose it with her sense of isolationism, self-doubt, and grief. It had its moments, but I didn’t think it was as emotionally effective as it wanted to be.

So when she showed up in trailers I was like “meh… where’s Cindy Moon” (don’t get me wrong I’m still interested in seeing Cindy and Jessica Drew). But the way that her character was revealed in the forest, and her musical theme being that aggressive garage-band-esque rock music really made a strong impression.

On top of that, I think I found the way that she held herself and treated Miles and the others to be a lot more successful at hitting the right emotional beats of her character. In some ways it worked better for me see her story from the perspective of a sympathetic outsider rather than bouncing around in her head like in the comics (which are her perspective). It felt like it did a better job communicating her personal heroism, which was really neat.

Worth noting, too: I don’t follow a lot of Marvel so I didn’t actually read the issue where she was introduced in the Spider-Verse event, and I haven’t read the next volume of her stuff either. So I might be missing some context that makes her character in the comics work better.


I’m generally not the biggest fan of comic book-related material, but I’m surprised at how much I enjoyed Into the Spider-Verse. It hits a lot of familiar Spider Man story beats but it feels surprisingly genuine and the New York(keep in mind I’ve never actually been there) of the movie feels like a real place instead of an elaborate backdrop. There’s an interesting moment where they allude to gentrification with Miles’s dad mentioning the weird wine bar they drive by.

Also, their decision not to subtitle the Spanish in the Morales household was a very good decision imo even though I’m pro-subtitle for the most part. I’m not Latin American but it really helped make Miles’s household feel lived-in and truly home-like.

The movie’s allusions to real world things like the Chance 4 posters and the Weeknd’s Starboy posters with Kiss Land on them also really sat well with me.


For most continuity-related comics things, its best not to think about it, canon is malleable.

For what it’s worth, Gwen Stacy of Earth-1610 (Ultimate Comics) died while Peter was still Spider-Man, but Ultimate Peter Parker wasn’t blonde so, really, it’s Calvinball

I, for one, await the day when each of the universes in the film get their own universe designations to distinguish them from the comics because that’s how superhero comics work.

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I think for me, this is the best comic book adaptation that I’ve seen. I have great fondness for the Raimi’s Spider-Man, the Dark Knight Trilogy, and Superman Returns, and would probably agree with arguments that those are better movies, but this felt the most like an actual comic book come to life. There were so many images that felt just like splash pages in a comic (the inverted shot during Miles’ “leap of faith” is the most obvious, but there’s a ton more).

As a lifelong fan of both superhero comic books and animation, this movie was a dream come true for me. Most of the modern superhero movies nowadays are at least somewhat entertaining to me, but they almost always reach a point where my eyes glaze over at the orgy of incomprehensible CGI that their climaxes inevitably devolve into. The action scenes in Spider-Verse kept me on the edge of my seat. This movie and Incredibles 2 from earlier this year made me think that western animation is starting to catch up to anime in the realm of crafting intensely kinetic action and fight sequences.

Seriously, just give me more of these big budget animated superhero movies. It’ll never happen, but I would be 1000% ok with Marvel/Disney just ditching the MCU altogether and shifting those production resources into making new animated movies like this. I would kill for an X-Men movie done in this style and made with the same amount of care for the characters and lore. The superhero genre is so much more suited to animation than live action.


FINALLY saw this at the weekend (we went to go see it before christmas but finding the cinema was a whole Thing and we ended up Not) and: I loved it

It felt very, concise? I’m not sure that’s the right word, but like, it never felt the need to dwell on things like kingpin’s motives (and how they reflect the loss the spider-men have suffered, and how the people he’s finding aren’t his actual family anyway), or uncle aaron’s villainy (which it didn’t vilify) or his ‘redemption’ (which it didn’t praise).
(And I liked how they handled both of those, uncle aaron isn’t presented as either Evil or Good, really, he’s just presented as A Guy - kingpin’s motives are understandable, but we’re still clearly not supposed to actually sympathise with him at all)

Also, I know everyone’s all on drawing their spidersonas because they love the alt universe spider-men designs, but having read the comics I already have seen all those (tho I think they did redesign SP//dr (peni’s robot)), but I am so glad they had fun with the villain designs! Green goblin as a big dragon guy! doc ock and her air filled tentacle arms! cyborg scorpion! tombstone was basically just the same as always but still looked great!

it’s good. spider-man. aaa.