'Splatoon 2' Fans Can't Stop Talking About One Thing: 'Knack 2'

In Nintendo’s shooter, players can share messages, and these players have decided to double down on ‘Knack.’

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The true carceral state is not having Knack 2, and also living in a country where prison construction and operation is the only acceptable bipartisan investment in struggling local economies.

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I could be completely off base, but when I saw these Knack 2 posts I assumed it was more of an ironic meme than young Splatoon 2 players being legitimately excited for the sequel.

Again, this is an educated guess and I’m not trying to throw shade at Knack fans at all, but these posts may be coming from the Giant Bomb community, who have placed a high entertainment value on this sort of half-joking excitement for it. I might be misremembering, but didn’t someone on the Bombcast mention Knack 2 WELL ahead of any Sony announcement that it was a reality when joking about sequels, without knowing it was in development?

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at first this seems like a prank on Nintendo, but I think it is actually a very cruel prank on the developers of Knack 2

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I wouldn’t go so far as to call it a “very cruel prank”. The narrative of a AAA sequel to a game that wasn’t hotly anticipated might elicit a pundit-like chuckle or two, but remember that the story is far from complete!

Ironic press is still press, and Knack 2 will probably play at least a bit better than the first game. Someone’s going to stream it sarcastically but then get won over and wind up evangelizing it. Who knows, the Knack series might springboard into relevance on the back of irony fueled discovery and wind up being a cult classic down the road.

This is definitely just a meme spread by Waypoint and Giant Bomb

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Knack 2 will be the Skate 4 of Knack games.

Knack 2 will be Skate 4.

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It’s videogamedunkey BABY