'Splatoon 2' Is More of the Same Because 'Splatoon' Was Already Excellent


Nintendo's take on the competitive shooter remains as fresh as its debut two years ago. There's just more of it.

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I’m psyched for this on Friday. I even preordered gasp


Looking forward to picking my copy up on Friday.
It interesting for this game to be able to both handle multiplayer in that differs from the usual and make use of it mechanics in a singleplayer that isn’t just a shooter.


I’m SO excited. I’ve kinda fallen out of Overwatch lately and I’m totally ready for a new multiplayer shooter to fill my time. I think my biggest concern was that it didn’t have enough depth to really become a staple game but Patrick seemed convinced so that’s some good news.


I’m curious what prompted the falling out with Overwatch. I’ve famously been on rocky ground with it on a near constant basis, so I’m curious if it’s for the same reasons.


I personally fell out of Overwatch just because I’d played it a lot and had fun, but hit the area where I was ok at the game and not really improving. Which I would be fine with, except I found comp the most fun, and comp games regularly seem to be about dictating your place in the ladder. And as relatively un-toxic as it is, it’s still quite bad.

That plus less friends playing it than used to meant I kinda stopped playing without even realising it for a while.


I played overwatch almost exclusively for the loot grind, 'cause my whole group of friends just happened to be equally invested, we’d be driven to play just to be the first one to get the cute new skin of the month.
I’ve heard some people stop playing because they hit a skill plateau but in my case it was simply that we all lost interest as a friend group at the same time and in turn had no reason to keep ‘competing’ against each other?

I’m sure we’ll be right back into it when there’s a new event with skins we like. Also PUBG kinda totally replaced it.