‘Splatoon 3’ Refines a Great Idea But Fails to Innovate

Splatoon has always been an odd series—a competitive, third-person shooter produced by Nintendo, which stars children who can turn into squids and octopi. Upon the first game’s release, it felt like a real experiment by Nintendo. It was putting the full weight of its company behind a gyroscope aiming third person shooter, designed to be played on the bulkiest controller-handheld hybrid in the history of console gaming. It, in spite of everything, was a huge success.

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I’m loving Splatoon 3 and the new lobby system is like two steps forward, one step back. We can no longer change weapon and keep queuing in ranked modes, only in turf war. When you’re squadded up with friends for Anarchy Open, you have to disband the entire squad when one person wants to change weapon. What’s the deal?

I don’t think the game really needs more modes or anything. The four ranked modes available have great variety, and Salmon Run received an extensive upgrade. Tableturf battle is a smaller addition, but as of yet PvP battles aren’t enabled. When that comes online, it’ll feel like a much more fleshed out game-mode.