Splatoon 3 Thread 🦑

Haven’t seen a Splatoon 3 thread yet so… with the first Splatfest upon us this evening, how are you enjoying it? Are you ready for the splatfest? I think I’ve scrubbed my Splatfest shirt 2-3 times now and I have a TON of conch shells. Despite being team GRUB, I am ready for some GEAR :japanese_goblin:


I haven’t had a chance to play the game yet (I foolishly decided I needed to beat all the Splatoon 2 single player content before diving in) but my partner has been playing a lot. It’s a great game! A lot of the little changes streamline a game that already had little downtime into unrelenting dopamine madness. It has been a lot of fun to watch!


Splatfest was a fun time! However, there were some issues and I hope they sort this out by the next splatfest. My biggest concern was a weird quirk in the Pro matchmaking that gave me largely teams far below my rating (I was at 1800-1900 power and most teams I faced ranged from 1500-1600 power). This meant that while I was winning a majority of my matches (frankly a failure of matchmaking on its own), I was given very little Power for any wins (one match gave me just 0.9). And on the off-chance I lost, I lost 20-30 points which set me back about 5-6 wins worth of Power. I’m not sure why I faced so few teams that were evenly matched. 1800-1900 is not a particularly high Power (Roughly 2400 and above nets you a top 100 placing), but it made it a gruelling slog because the wins weren’t particularly fun (they were all very one sided, but I still had to be switched on lest a single mistake instantly swung the tide as turf war is known to do) and the losses were especially stressful.

Other than that Splatfest has always been a fantastic time for the vibes, and the aesthetics of the plaza at night during the festival is unmatched. I had a lot of fun outside of Pro mode playing with my partner in Open, even if I lost in that mode a lot more. (Since Open is, well, open, largely the big winners there are players in full parties of 4 players beating down players queueing up as solo players being randomly matchmade into their groups).

As for the rest of the game, it’s a big improvement over everything Splatoon 2 did. The lobby connection issue aside, the new campaign is heads and shoulders above previous campaigns in terms of level design and story (Octo Expansion aside which in my mind is still the pinnacle of Splatoon single player design). The additions to Salmon Run make it a much better staple mode of the series (being open 24/7 also helps a lot in this regard!), although I hear the mode is stingier with rewards for serious salmon run grinders. Tableturf is a fun surprising addition and I cannot wait for them to patch in multiplayer to this mode (I think I actually like that it launched without mp so I can get to grips with what’s actually happening in the mode).

Anyway, a lot of asides in the above paragraphs, so it went a little long. But Splatoon 2 was my “main game” and Splatoon 3 is already an excellent successor to it for me.