Splatoon is just 18-minute darling of the '86 Vancouver Expo and Academy Award Short Film nominee Rainbow War, featuring early-career performances by Ryan Stiles and Colin Mochrie




OMG no way I remember seeing this as a kid! It’s so good.

No actual valuable commentary since I never played Splatoon, but am very excited to have seen this again.


Oh my god, that’s astonishing. Look, I was alive in 1986, and I like to think we had our shit together back then, but… geez, I don’t know anymore.


I wasn’t feeling it, and then I saw the fight scene, and you’re pretty much spot-on. Do the Rainbow War characters have ideological differences other than color preference? Splatoon has weird lore but I’m pretty sure it’s canon that their turf wars are basically just a sport where teams are randomly assigned (as opposed to their bullshit imperialist-on-both-sides war on the octarians, which is also fought with paint).


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