Spoiler Discussion for Guardians of the Galaxy VOL. 2


Oh my god, this movie is incredible. Especially for people who loved the comics done by Jack Kirby, Jim Starlin, and others like them.


Just…I know it just came out, but god damn. This movie was a visual feast for my eyeballs. Also, the characters I never thought would be on screen…were on screen.


I think it is easily one of the corniest movies I’ve ever seen (I’m pretty sure one of the characters was crying onscreen about every 20 minutes or so), but it was gorgeous to look at, and it was fairly well written and acted. I think James Gunn is killing it on the Marvel front right now.


Lemme get this one down in bold capitals.




I definitely see where some people felt let down, but it was so exciting to see how much everyone bounces around. Trash Panda steals so many spotlights by being the audience stand-in (Taser Face?!) even when things are at their worse. (DID YOU ASK EVERYONE FOR SOME TAPE?!)

I would of loved to see Peter and Ego’s battle last a bit longer though, the DBZ action shots was so delightful to watch as SL was able to use the same techniques.

Finally, Everyone’s thoughts on the intro? I LOVED it, but some of the people I heard after the show thought it was too twee. Everything about this movie felt like looking for tropes to lapshade and having fun while doing it. <3


I loved that ultimately it was a refutation of the Luke/Vader relationship in the original Star Wars trilogy. Both Guardians films are about redemption and making your own family but they looked at the genocidal father and fucking noped away from that real quick for him.

The scenes with Peter’s mother devastated me in the first film as I had lost a close friend to cancer. I went into Vol. 2 not expecting there to be an emotional core that resonated with me as much. I wound up wiping away tears far more times than expected due to the arcs of Yondu, Nebula, Peter, and Rocket. I’ll have to watch it again to be sure but Vol. 2 may be the most poignant of the Marvel produced superhero films.

Also as we were leaving the theater, my oldest daughter yelled, “I am Groot!”, and punched me in the crotch so maybe the film was bad actually.



I Have Seen it Twice Once Normal Once Imax. Some of those Shots Where super Gorgeous Ego’s Planet Was Jaw dropping in Imax.I Love the Movie after seeing it Twice I Might like it Better then Vol 1 . But only because It Because they Just build up on the Things From Vol 1. I like How some Tracks Played would have been Canonically Peter first mixtape Like when Rocket asks if they have copies of Peter music Also 5 After credit Scenes and a Random Jeff Goldblum in the Credits James gunn a mad man and i love it

Im super bummed on one thing though and thats the Imax Poster niether of the theaters i went to are offering it and iv called two others I want it so bad



I…(takes deep breath)… HOWARD THE DUCK WAS THERE. AND UATU THE WATCHER. AND…Sylvester Stallone is leading the 31st century guardians of the galaxy (i presume they will be from the 31st century in the mcu.) And god damn KURT RUSSELL’s face was on a planet. I can not believe this movie exists still. holy shit.


Man, Nebula and Yondu were the absolute stars of this. I loved them both SO MUCH. Definitely my favourite 2 characters in the MCU right now, and probably some of the most well developed too. I hope Nebula gets her presence upped in the future.

I’m betting she’ll be a big part of Infinity War, maybe evn the one to actually kill Thanos. Someone’s gotta get the honour, I’m thinking it’ll be here.


Yondu was the best



Generally if a big budget movie like this gets some variants there will be high-res, lower quality repros somewhere down the line. Worth nothing to a collector, but often indiscernible to a layman from the original once framed. They’ll often be available via ebay, etsy, & amazon storefronts that exclusively sell repros of promotional art for games & movies. I would start looking now, but also near the end of the theatrical release, and again when home video hits, or if the artist has another big promotional piece drop.


Its just frustrating cause it was an Imax Exclusive there only 5 of those in All of San diego and none of them got them I checked and went to all 5


There were SO MANY great moments. Right now I’m remembering the prison scene, Baby Groot you adorable doof. I was worried they would overdo the Baby Groot from their marketing, but he ended up being “just right”.


Super enjoyable. I wouldn’t call it a great movie, but it was fun enough. I would rank it behind Winter Soldier as the best Marvel sequel.


I found it, on the whole, a fairly frustrating experience that I essentially enjoyed. I have very little love for that era of music so and I felt like they weaponized the soundtrack to the point of redundancy… and that was a theme I thought the whole film kept up. Too much Drax humor, too much Baby Groot, too much Music Action Montage.

I was also really let down by Ego - I could go into a lengthy digression about why, but I’ll keep it relatively short by saying that I think the yucks of a celestial choosing Kurt Russel’s form undermines a lot of what could have made him visually interesting in the finale. I would have preferred him to be an ambiguous bipedal creature until he met Quill’s mother, and then him fixing on Kurt would have been both a great visual joke (he’s the apex of mankind after all) and a good piece of deception for his plan. It would have then freed the artists up to do anything but “Kurt Russel but rocks and light tentacles” in the final conflict.

The visual work was altogether excellent, the best of Ditko and Kirby’s cosmic universe writ large, but I overall felt like they had taken a lot of the best elements from the last film and failed to capitalize on them in any way other than excess. Still, very enjoyable for the most part, Yondu being the most excellent dude of all, but not quite a patch on the first.


It was good, not as good as the first and not nearly as tightly paced, but it was funny and had some great moments. As someone born in the good year of 1991, the soundtrack left me feeling a little flat – the songs in the first film were all songs I recognized, long-lasting classics that my parents liked or I’d heard in commercials or 90s children’s films; the songs in this film, well I recognized one or two but none of them had me tapping my foot in the theatre.

I am quite grateful that Groot will have aged for vol. 3, the joke with baby Groot got old after a while and the single funniest gag with him was the post-credits scene with snarky, teenage Groot.

Yondu’s a contender for my new favourite character in the MCCU, though, if we’re not counting the Netflix series in the running.


Still not sure where I’m ranking it in the whole movie list but i agree it is definitely top 2 sequels.


This was definitely a good movie. I love that he got a Zune, I’ve been a fan of those for a while, I need to fix mine. (They are better then Ipods, come at me) And then Stan Lee just chilling with the watchers, thats good enough for me. That tells me he is a watcher, just not Uatu like people wanted. He’s just telling them the stories, filling them in on the happening. Really wasn’t expecting Ego to be the bad guy but made sense, he’s one of those characters I never really knew about.


I interpreted him going on about"the form I expected life should be" and showing his human form to be part of his indoctrination of Peter. He was playing up the superiority of him and Peter since that is all Ego understands. I assume he did similar to all his other children. I do agree that it would’ve been better to drop the human form for the final fight though.