[Spoilers] Nier Automata Tore Out My ❤️ And I Want It Back


I tried to do the end credits thing but the game bugs out and crashes every time I attempt it, so I just put it down. I loved Route A and was intrigued by Route B but Route C was just exhausting and full of disappointment for me.


I loved all of C except for that goddamn desert worm. I spent twenty minutes trying to do it legit, said “fuck it”, turned it down to easy and never looked back


My thoughts on the Nier franchise:

But forreal, Automata is an incredible game. I have to say though, I wasn’t in love with the moment to moment action. It certainly felt miles better than the first Nier did but I still wasn’t crazy about it. The narrative is just SO strong that it ended up not mattering much.


Well, appropriately I registered http://sadrobots.club to point to Waypoint, last week.


Does anyone know what’s with the capitalised letters on the DLC store page? Some kind of hidden message? I’m terrible at anagrams so I will be of no use here…



Looks like the letters are DSRCAJOWINHRERYLSONDNCLDPAVNTT if you don’t include capitals where they should be (beginnings of sentences, in the word ‘NieR’ etc.)

The celestial alphabet in the image reads ‘DOWNLOAD CONTENTS’, so no clue there.


me too! though given that the robots chanting in Become as Gods and Birth of a Wish change according to language (afaik) i guess its understandable?


I beat it yesterday and can’t stop thinking about it. One of my favorite game stories ever. I felt a little underwhelmed by the ending because I hyped myself up for a really huge twist that recontextualizes the entire game, like I thought it’d be revealed machines are actually humans or something crazy like that. That never really came but the ending was still great in a different way. My expectations were just off. My one problem is that I would have definitely sacrificed my save at the end to help someone else but I don’t think they explained the mechanic well enough and I didn’t understand what they meant by that so I said no.


While not entirely related the DLC announcement on steam has this

In case you were wondering what the name of the DLC means, we’ll give you a hint: 3 Costumes, 3 Colosseums, 1 Dream and Date 119440927. As for what this means exactly, we’ll leave that up to you to figure out!

If those capitalized letters aren’t random maybe it’s a clue about what happens on the date?


Nier is a game about suffering & how different people cause, react & try to overcome it.


Automata is definitely gunning for my favorite media experience this year. I am very glad it exists and hope the team gets to make more.

As someone who deals with severe anxiety/depression, I really connected with all of the Androids reactions to late game events and interpretated their “errors” as analogues to emotional breakdowns (in 9S’s case it’s definitely literal, admittedly).

It’s hard to just talk about this game and not sit down and discuss how much if it is so intricate and well done. Props to the localization crew as well for preserving all of this.


Has anyone picked up the DLC yet? I’m not that fussed about the costume side of things and whilst the new bosses look daft in the best way the combat was probably the thing I liked least about Automata. Not that it’s bad it just didn’t grab me.

Is there more to it than those boss fights? Unsurprisingly the PSN store page doesn’t do the best job of outlining what you get.


I remember when the demo came out and was getting ready for the game and was thinking “yeah I’m probably gonna enjoy this cause I like Platinum’s games and robots are totally my jam”

But weeks after beating it, I still have these moments of being in a constant daze and feeling like the world is in black and white to me. I’m really not sure how else to put it, but just the complexities and questions it made on things like existence, free will, transhumanism like… damn.


oh… nines…


Had to work real hard to not cry all over my lunch while listening to the last song on the OST at work today even though I finished the game liked a month ago.


any other year and this would be the only thing I talked about for ages, but we’ve had so much good stuff come out so quick

I did write a blog post about it though if anybody wants to check that out in lieu of me dumping a ton of text in here at once

ps 6O is the true hero

pps emil forever


Proposal: Eve is a good boy.


My favorite thing about the 2B is 2E Reveal is how it reframes a lot of the dynamic between the characters, but more so It made it apparent to me that 2B AND 21O both know about her purpose and are cold to 9S cause he’s just gonna die for the quninteenth billion time once he finds out too much again .

There’s so many exchanges that change once that reveal hits on a second playthrough, it’s real good even if it’s kinda super simple.


Count me in the camp of not being able to stop thinking about this game.

[spoiler]When people pointed out that in ending D 2B kills 9S one last time, as it’s her sword that stabs him it made me have to lay down.

I’ve watched a few Let’s Plays of this and I’m constantly amazed at how well the 2E twist works with every piece of dialogue. It’s super obvious if you have that knowledge but it doesn’t feel awkward the first time.[/spoiler]


I’ve been both pleased and curious seeing Automata resonate with people when, as someone who played the original, I feel as though a lot of the heaviest punches that game lands are ones that re-contextualize things that happened in the first game/to that first game’s characters. A testament to the game as a standalone piece. I agree with somebody on the spoilercast (Austin?), who mentioned that there’s a lot of lore swirling around behind Taro’s games, but everything in Automata is done in such a way that some things just work regardless of whether or not you know the deep cuts.

Devola and Popola, though… I kinda wish everyone knew.


Yeah I’d never played the first one but after I was done with Automata i lent it to a mate who loves the first one and he told me a load of stuff about some of the recurring characters (Devola and Popola for example) that made their endings really hit home.

He ended up giving up on it because he couldn’t stand 9s, which is a shame because I think 9s comes around once you understand his, err, purpose.