[Spoilers] Nier Automata Tore Out My ❤️ And I Want It Back


I’m not sure how much you know about the stories in Drakengard so I’ll be really carful not to spoil anything here but I only say that about the timelines because Drakengard 2 is a direct sequel to the original Drakengard with characters from the first who definitely would not be in it if the ending that lead to the events of NieR occurred.


It was noted in the spoilercast so it should be safe to say here, but Drakengard 2 canonically doesn’t take place after any of the endings that are actually in Drakengard (although one might logically think it followed Ending A), but suffice it to say, Drakengard 2 and Nier are not a part of the same timeline branch.


Yeah I’m pretty green on the stories other than Automata at the moment (am working my way backwards through the series now though) but I do know that the timeline here is Drakengard 1, 3, Nier, Automata. Drakengard 2 is a split off to a different timeline I believe?


Ah yes, what @Hailinel said :stuck_out_tongue:


Idk if it tore my heart out as much as it slowly dissolved it, and I could have stopped anytime, but I kept letting it decay for several weeks until I was dead inside.


The timeline is Drakengard 3 > Drakengard > Nier > Nier: Automata. Drakengard 3 is a prequel.


Don’t know if a) entirely related to the thread and b) not already posted elsewhere but you can now listen and watch NieR’s music concert (two hours long):

Not sure it’ll be up indefinitely.


2b/6o is real, and my friend, and 6O is like, a top tier support character honestly?

A2 and Anemone definitely, have a lot to talk about, and they definitely kiss?

I also can’t believe that Jackass is basically just Sans from undertale but with more girlfriends who let them get away with this???


re: the game as a whole and the entire deal with 2B as a false protag and 9s as the real protag i really think that’s tiring? Like, I wish that the entire game wasn’t About him in the way that it ends up being.

I like ending E as a like, something you can interpret as an Everyone Lives! Ending, which is something that like, I legitimately wasn’t expecting from this game, but I do think that the game goes through some, issues with Route C/D that could have been avoided.

Also the start of route C/D where 9s sees a2 kill 2b and he is like “IM GOING TO KILL YOU” was just so predictable and Just Done that I laughed??? it was hilarious, it was impossible for me to take seriously, it was just, maybe actually the worst part of neir forme, just falling into this predictable shinji ikari shit with 9s down to scenes with the exact same like, creepyness/unnecessary uncomfortableness as the start of End of Eva with shinji and asuka

Overall i really liked the game though, a2 is by far the most fun character to play as and i wish you could do the whole game as her, but it just really sucks that while the like, Machine/Android/Greater Robot Content of the latter half of the game goes into really good stuff, thats like “yes this is the kind of conflicts i WANT from ai’s and shit” it kind of like, does that at the expense of like, falling into a lot of bad tropes, imo


Excellent work :+1:


How long (roughly) does each play through take? I just got Nier on sale, but after finishing the monster that is P5, I want to take my time with this game, especially after hearing so much about the stories and philosophy behind this.


Really depends on how many sidequests and stuff you do. The routes don’t all function in the exact same way and differ in length. My final playtime after getting ending E was a little less than 35 hours. That’s doing a good amount but not all of the side stuff.


I did everything in the game in under 50 hours. DLC aside.

“Play through” remains a bit of a misnomer for this game. There’s only really one “ending.” If you take your time, I’d say you’d get there in 35-40.


Thanks! I figured each play through would have different playtimes, so getting a total playtime is really more what I was looking for.


For me it was:

Play through 1 took me 14 hours only doing maybe half the side quests.

Play through 2 was about 8 hours trying to finish side quests (most were pretty quick at that point)

Play through 3 & 4 another maybe 10 hours?

Play through 5 was not very long at all.

If you decide to mainline the story you can probably finish the game in less than 15 hours honestly. The side quests are real good though & completed ones carry over on consecutive play throughs.


I think my final time was 30 hours.

I’m going to say “chapters” instead of “playthroughs” because that implies a heavy amount of repeating stuff. You’ll do a good deal of the missions from chapter 1 again in 2 but you do them in a different context that really adds a lot and helps ramp up everything, with plenty of additional scenes sprinkled in.

First chapter, you can expect to take 10-12 hours. The second one repeats some stuff and is about 8-9 hours and the third is completely new stuff and the shortest. I can’t see how you can say you finished the game if you don’t do 'em all, it’s really worth it.

PS: Endings 4 and 5 are really more like loading a save and doing just one thing different so I don’t really count them as chapters.


I absolutely loved the original NieR and literally started Automata immediately after watching ending D of the first game (like, turned off my PS3 and turned on my PS4). I wasn’t sure if this would hit the emotional beats for me, but I can’t stop thinking about it still (Weight of the World has been stuck in my head nonstop and makes me feel so many ways).

I sincerely love everything about this game - from plot to characters to gameplay, and I think every route is truly amazing, with C really ramping it up. The 2B sequence in route C is great and emotionally taxing in every way and few pieces of media have made me feel like “Oh…Nines…” has.

I feel an odd comfort after Ending E that makes it feel like it’s okay to pick the game up and keep playing which is why I (selfishly) kept my save - because I know myself and the likelihood of me replaying on a fresh file vs. a “New Game +” scenario is just much less. Gotta pick up the DLC soon, too.

I will gladly throw my money at anything Yoko Taro does - he creates games that are truly unlike anything else out there and they work, even through their flaws. If we get another Taro/PlatinumGames collaboration for the next Taro game, I am so ready.


I’m sorry but the law clearly states that anyone who did this is required to send a handwritten apology to every individual who was rooting for them including Yoko Taro himself.


I mean I’ve played through the game all the way to E twice now, and I felt guilty saying no the second time even though I felt like I’d earned my no by that point.


My bad - thread made it seem unnecessary, but went back and did it anyway.