[Spoilers]The Mandalorian Discussion Thread

Too many transphobes spoil the Hoth; is Rosario Dawson in this, though? I didn’t see her in the trailer, but I don’t really pay attention to casting news and behind the scenes.

Speaking of, when did they film this? The time between season one ending and quarantine starting was like a month and a half.

Getting rogue one vibes from the trailer. I think it’s mostly just the dull iconic cry of the death star siren but also the creep of ‘things you recognise from Star Wars’. I really hope they aren’t going full in on the whole jedi with the show though. A friend has said that the lady in the hood might be Sabine from the Rebels show, probably an emissary to Ahsoka. Who’s technically not a jedi anymore?

Is the baby yoda shutting up his crib been giffed yet? 2020 am I right? That’s how I feel. Baby Yoda gets it. Haha! I might use that in my internet discourse.

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Rise of Skywalker (wow i had to google if that was really its title jesus) already showed Disney’s whole ass with the words “You will all regret the eternal regurgitation of Plinkett takes on the prequels because damn at least the prequels’ mess believed in anything and had that cool democracy line” written on it in sharpie.

Most people here copped to S1 of Mando being neat but with an uneasy feeling of ultrasafe corporate-generated memeable fanservice. Now we get a thick fresh layer of EU up-its-own-lore-assness with the 2020 twist of “also some one* of the people up on the screen was a shitbag to trans people”.

what a cool bastion of innocent branding and fun innocent fun disney is

E: Apparently everyone was mistaking Sasha Banks for Rosario Dawson, Dawson isn’t in the show. Gina Carano still sucks shit but… it’s one less irredeemable scumbag to worry about? wow this brand sucks


I think Rosario Dawson is still on this, apparently she’s just not on the trailer. There are a ton of reports saying she’ll be playing Ahsoka Tano (a character from the cartoons iirc).

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well, fuck.


Even more disappointed if that’s true. Ahsoka was arguably the best character in Clone Wars and Rebels

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Ahsoka apparently being played by Dawson is really frustrating, she’s a great character in the other shows.


well, we can assume than his first heart was already dead, so the Mandalorian was just lucky to choose the right heart from those two

In actuality, I’ll be very impressed if that guy gets back up in the show because the writers did their research.

I ain’t no alien doctor, but I have to imagine that even if you have two hearts the internal bleeding caused by a giant knife wound to one of them is gonna be fatal.

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Yeah, it’s not like human people do well being stabbed in the lung, despite having two of them, so…


Listen, just give me him moaning in death throws off-screen till the Mando points a gun out of frame to finish him off.