[Spoilers]The Mandalorian Discussion Thread

I mean, yeah, but that’s like the whole thing with Star Wars.


I feel like others played with their toys but at least tried to insert their own flavor or subversion to the mix. TLJ was all about throwing out the hoary old Star Wars in favor of something new, which let you enjoy the comforts of old while being excited for what a new vision could bring to it. Even JJ Abrams, hack that he is, at least introduced some new things to the world when he wasn’t copying the OT’s broad strokes verbatim. The Mandalorian at its worst feels like barely coherent nonsense designed to string you from one rose-tinted memory to the next.

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My favorite Star Wars series is the Auralnauts redub of the first 6 movies.



So, episode 4 dropped today! Directed by Bryce Dallas Howard no less! Looks like she channeled that ‘run from T-Rex energy’ into an AT-ST.

I enjoyed this episode, but it felt pretty traditional. It was a definite Seven Samurai themed episode, with Gina and Mando training the villagers to defend themselves. I kind of wish the ‘raiders’ weren’t represented by just one bad alien race, eh but what you gonna do. This show is popular because it’s not really challenging the status quo of Star Wars, like something like TLJ.

I liked Gina’s character, but we barely had any real chance of getting to know her. I don’t even remember her character’s name, and I just watched the episode. I guess ‘Rebel Shocktrooper’ will have to do. It was neat hearing her talk about the Republic’s suppression of rioting. Perhaps their going to use this show to illustrate the rise of the First Order?


Episode 4 spoilers:

This lady is literally out of every D&D campaign ever and I am so here for it.


Man, people sure do love to punch Mando right in his gigantic shiny helmet with their bare fists.


Cara Dune. I think the full name gets mentioned exactly once in the episode. She’s awesome and I hope she returns.



I wanna know more about what the Rebels is at this point in the lore is too.

From what I understand, the New Republic doesn’t take the threat of the First Order seriously in TFA, which allows them to attack and easily decimate their enemies. Leia, of course, leaves the Republic to mount a resistance to this revival.

Post this is post Empire collapse, and the First Order isn’t in any kind of form right now.


Episode 4 felt more formulaic of a 90s sci-fi TV show. But I loved how they managed to make that chicken walker feel scary by channelling that Jurassic Park energy.


Episode 4 Giving the AT-ST red eyes was extremely good.


This is not actually accurate. It is a combination of the New Republic disarming a bunch at its inception so as not to be seen as just another Empire by just freed planets, not really having the political capital to go against them since a lot of the FO foul stuff occurs in unaligned systems and active misinformation by senators under the FO’s power.

All available in Bloodlines if anyone is interested.


Neat, I’ve been wanting to dive into more SW books.

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Ok, so I’ve been watching Rebels, and I just got to the episode ‘A World Between World’s.’

Now I’m thinking… What if Baby Yoda IS Baby Yoda?


Blown my mind is.


Dude, anytime Eugene Cordero shows up in something I’m like [chow yun fat leans out of a doorway and thumbs up dot gif]



Holy shit. 15 characters.

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Have to be honest and say I did not think of that. I don’t WANT that to be the case but definitely a quality guess! :slight_smile:

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Episode 5 baybeee!

So, this is the first familiar spot we’ve seen in the show so far. It was cool to see Mos Eisley post empire, and I appreciated the small details like Droids operating the ‘no droids allowed’ cantina from A New Hope. It felt kind of abandoned though? I wonder if Mos Eisely is empty because of budgetary constraints, or because the Empire’s fall has allowed more outer rim people to pursue their lives further in. I’m feeling a lot of Mando’s discrimination of droids comes from his survival of a Clone Wares Raid.

I was kind of back and forth on the mechanic character. It was neat to see prequel era droids, but I felt like she kind of dragged down the scenes she was in, but she was fine. I appreciated the sniper bounty hunter though. We don’t see many snipers in Star Wars.

Like every other episode, this one seemed to be aping off westerns again. Unforgiven is definitely the set up, but I was surprised to see the baby face bounty hunter go ROGUE.

Was the last shot supposed to be Mando picking up the body, or someone else following his tracks? Too many people wear capes in this universe.

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The brevity of the final shot led me to think it was someone on Mando’s trail.


how come i only just realised i can call this show yoda fett