Spoopy question: Scary creatures you don't find scary

What a creature in a horror movie or game of any kind that suppose to be scary but you end up not afraid of it or find endearing?

I kinda find the metroids to be cute in a weird way.

Monster from the movie Splice. Dren (?) I think it’s called. A bit daft really.

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I want to hug all the scary monsters


I’m much more afraid of the inevitable heat death of the universe than any monster.

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Pretty much anything made from CG. It can work if there’s an effective hybrid of physicality and CG, but CG only? Nah.


Maybe because A Machine for Pigs wasn’t as scary as the first amnesia, but I was so happy to meet water friend in the second game.

Slenderman is only scary if he’s subtle and understated. Early Marble Hornets stuff where it’s just a faceless guy in a business suit hidden just out of frame of most shots is creepy as hell

Modern Slenderman is too focused on making him in to an “iconic” monster so they give him tentacles and exaggerate his proportions and give him a goofy monster mash face and ohhhh noooo we read House of Leaves! Isn’t that scaaaaaary?!

Mmmm… no. Not really. You’ve turned Slenderman in to a cartoon character.

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vampies and zombsters. neat and cool but not spooky. not in the least!!! !!!

Vampires, zombies / mummies, all the classics, and especially werewolves, wolf-man variations look stupid and the more animalistic versions look… attractive.

I don’t know, I don’t find a lot of monsters very scary; scariest for me is probably particularly messed up looking spirits. Venomous animals and whatever lives in the deep sea are also very scary, and actual real life things that can kill.


Never scared me.


The sewer centipedes from Dark Souls 3 are pretty gross to look at, but their scariness is severely undercut by how they are totally non-threatening in combat.

Weirdly I was just talking about this today, but my answer is Michael Myers. I never found him particularly frightening, and in general I am just tired of using mental illness as shorthand for evil, but any hope of him ever having the ability to scare me went out the window with the scene where Michael decides, for some reason, to set up a scare for his next victim by sticking bloody sheets into a washing machine.

Now the only thing I can think of when I see anything Halloween franchise related is Michael Myers doing laundry.


Giant Spiders. More arms mean better hugs.

Rom the vacuous spider is cute


I’m with you on vampires. I get the appeal of a monster that represents us as Humans, but I get nothing out of it when that monster just straight up looks like a regular Human. At least zombies are ghastly decaying forms lumbering around in constant agony and hunger…most vampire fiction seems obsessed with portraying them as suave normal people who also happen to bite you. I know, I know, “the point is the evil nature within us all, masked by a pleasant exterior”…but if you’re going to do that, you can do a better job of it with an antagonist that IS just a normal Human. Make the monsters monsterous, not aristocratic.

Skeletons, I suppose. Especially with all the spoopy memes over the past few years.

So this might be really particular but I’ll open it up in a second, but specifically Necromorphs, once you really get a look at them. Like go look at a video of a necromorph moving, and try and walk like they do, with your arms up in the air and your weird shuffly legs. It’s just, really really funny honestly. And I find most of the stuff in that game is like that (The “Walruses” super come to mind here.)

Now extrapolating off this a little bit there’s of course the like, usual “Well if you show your monster too much it stops being scary.” but I really think that movement is extremely important to make things creepy. Whether or not it’s something like, being jerky, otherworldly, specifically inhuman, or something that is terrifyingly inhuman in the other way that it is much more animalistic.

(Mild Steam World Dig 2 Spoilers)
I’m thinking specifically now of the first time you run into a Vectron creature in SW:Dig 2. When it just suddenly bursts into smooth fast action, destroying things in front of it to get to you. Now I don’t know if that feeling persisted in that game, but holy shit my heart tried to jump out of my chest running from those things the first time.

Creatures that come from other world (Be that from another planet or a different dimension) and creatures that are meant to be beyond human understanding. I end up becoming fascinated by the creature and that fascination overrides my fear.

Almost any monster itself isn’t scary, it has to be in a context that brings it out, and I feel like most horror directors can’t really get me with the way they shoot films. I tend to get more out of horror in books/stories and games because my imagination runs wild with the descriptions with books/stories and the immersion with games. I’ve even had wiki plots of horror movies do more for me than the actual films.

I remember being scared of jaws when I was about 5 or 6 maybe, but the became aware of the imminent threat of alien abduction (yes, as a small child lol) and after that no monster or creature could ever concern me in the slightest. I happy to say I’m not scared of aliens anymore and am still not scared by any kind of scary creature.

Except jaws because that shit is real.