Spoopy question: What creature you don't want to be?


The dark side of a creature you would love to be, what the creature that would bring you nightmares if you become one?
I would hate to be some sort of snail. So slimy and slow.


Eusocial insect seems like a pretty rough deal, especially if you end being in one of the castes that never gets to leave the nest. Spending the rest of your teensy life biologically impelled to move honey, eggs, and grubs around a stinky, hot, fragile warren of dirt and spit-stucco? Pass.


I feel like scary stuff would actually be kind of fun, so it might be, like, a squirrel. Something mundane enough to be rote, but also not very valued.


I imagine creepy and gross stuff doesn’t find itself creepy or gross. I think the worst would probably be that salamander that stabs it’s ribs out through it’s skin as self defense it seems like that would suck.


A carpenter ant. Beyond the standard existential horror of being a singular, useless drone in an uncaring machine, scientist have recently discovered a variety of fungi that prey on carpenter ants.The fungi take control of the ant, zombifying it, and sends it away from it’s known path, to eventually be killed with the stalk of the fungus protruding out of the ant’s head. It goes from one mindless existence of vague autonomy, to one of complete control and ultimately destruction.


Oh god, this topic made me remember a recent reading and sent chills down my spine. If you’re willing to confront the specific fear of snails and explore such a… slimy turn of fate, you should have a look at Junji Ito’s Uzumaki. Won’t go into more details and snails aren’t the core of the story anyway but, damn, this manga sure has disturbing parts.


I’d hate to be the last of anything.

I think a lot about the videos of the last Tasmanian Tiger
I wonder if it knew it was the last and that it spent the rest of its days in the same small contained space. Never to see or hear another of it’s own ever again.


Anything without the capacity to experience an existential crisis sounds like kind of a sweet deal honestly


in the deepest depths of my anxiety/depression being a clam seemed like a pretty good deal tbh.


It ain’t even a question: Mothman.