Spoopy Question: What horror creature would you be?

What sort of horror thing would you be? From the classic monster, a slasher, or something abstract.

A classic monster would be the werewolf, something about transforming is interesting to me. Also I can surf on top of a bus and air guitar :stuck_out_tongue:

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I’d love to be a manifestation of a cosmic-void of some sorts in human form.

p.s. is the expression ‘spoopy’ a new thing that started this year, or am I just noticing it now?

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Spoopy was around 2011 during a rise of misprint Halloween products. It pop up again last year with the increase in social media posts.

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Pick up the phone, I’m calling you–from inside the house!
Who’s calling? It’s me, inside the house.
Hey, did you know your house has great cell reception? You are coming through so clear as I call you from inside of it.
So I’m inside the house and–ring ring! Here’s the call!
Whoah, you’ve got a party line? Nice, I didn’t know these were still around. House, apartment complex–it’s not exactly the same, but it’ll do. Yeah, it’ll definitely do. Good to be inside and warm, y’know? Now that it’s finally getting cold, I mean. That time of year that you just want to curl up inside–you on the shag rug by the wood-pellet fire, me in the chiaroscuro shadows of your unlit bedroom–and just talk into the night, legs stiff with comfort.
And then the cops say the call was coming from inside the house! Whoa, there’s the twist, the spooky bit, boo! What a scare!


An alligator is a horror creature if you don’t live in the American South.


If I had to pick I’d probably go for a kaiju. I already stomp around and yell a lot, now everyone could see me do it.


Dullahan because I get a free horse and also get to get fetishized by anime


if “shapeshifter” fits into the current spoopy taxonomy than i’d be a shapeshifter
and I’d have a good good prank show where i turn into an ordinary household object and scare people who pick me up.

Otherwise the moth-man, who, according to my interpretation of The Lore, appears to just be a confused but generally harmless alien telling people about bad future things in an extremely inefficient way. Which is me to a tee, honestly.


Does the Woke Gamer count as a creature of the night?

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A bedsheet ghost.

Like, literally just a dopey white ghost with little eye holes.

that’s me.

is everyone avoiding ‘werewolf’ so as to not look like a furry or
(because werewolf)


IDK about everyone else, but I’m avoiding werewolf because it’s not the RIGHT kind of furry. If I’m going to be a furry I’m gonna be a horrifying, reptilian swamp monster.


I’m avoiding werewolf because that limits me to being only one type of furry one week out of a month. if I’m going to be a furry I’m not going to do it part time.


Werewolf. Or wolfman if you will.

Maybe a night-gaunt because they don’t have to be evil to be frightening. It was the first monster the popped in my head besides “werewolf”.

Other than that, being an animated skeleton would be fucking awesome.

A ghost, just based on how many times I got marked “absent” in high school despite being in class.

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Are witches halloween creatures or do I need to take my magic elsewhere?

I’m going with a Whywolve from Adventure Time. They are overcome with knowledge, curiosity and bloodlust.

A Frankenstein Monster seems like the most liveable solution. he was smart and super strong and stuff. like he was miserable because he was a weird monster who nobody could love. but that was before the internet and I’m sure there are plenty of people for whom Frankenstein Monster is their exact fetish so that’s that book solved basically.

I think deep down though I want to be a skeleton animated through weird magic. I don’t know why exactly. skeletons are just a very elegant design and something about them speaks to me. they go like “akalakalakalaka!” That is the noise I imagine skeletons make and also It is possible I am overtired and should go to bed now.


If it counts, I’d be invisible.

I wouldn’t have to groom or maintain too hard because nobody could see me.
I could sneak around and get all the gossip.

Oh, would I be lonely? No friends? Never noticed? Umm, well, I can put on a hat or something. Problem solved.