Spoopy question. where is the pumpkins ass


what side of the pumpkin


it’s ass all the way round


The real ass is in all of us.


Good thread. Thanks for this.

The ass of the pumpkin is the answer to an unwritten koan.


No, the pumpkin is all boob




the pumpkin’s ass is the friends we’ve made along the way


whatever part winamp is whipping


The mods are probably gonna delete this hot stuff so look quick. Just a little sumpin sumpin, punkin.


@dr_monocle please remove this traditional autumnal FILTH


i forgot where i put my post remover but when i find it, pal, you’re in for a surprise!!!


It’s the bottom.


seems to me, like you’re the pumpkin’s ass!! just a little joke haha


You’re choosing this when you carve the face on it and you don’t even realize. Wield this power carefully


ur crack-o-lantern is showing


be honest @hideokojima

is answering this question what Death Stranding is about?


hello, thank you very much for your question



You have to carve it one or else it won’t have one


it is so clearly the underside of the pumpkin. just look at it.