Sports! — The Bears Don’t Suck?

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My Broncos suck so bad that I’m officially jealous of the Bears offense and I’m miserable again that we didn’t draft Fields last year.

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Just to clear up what Patrick was talking about being ‘eligible’. The offensive team has to line up 7 guys on the line of scrimmage, and 4 behind it in order for the snap to be legal. The outter most 2 on the line, and everyone behind it are eligible to receive a forward pass (the middle 5 on the line are NOT). Those middle 5 cannot be beyond 1 yard of the line of scrimmage when the ball is thrown, or they are ineligible and down field.

An offensive linemen reports as eligible if he has a number that is reserved for offensive lineman, but is lining up as the outter most player in a formation.

I’m now fully on tilt that the Broncos didn’t draft Fields and also I lost to the Fields team in fantasy by exactly the 40 points he gave my opponent. So Fields has appeared to personally ruin my life.

I’m excited at the prospect of Rob and Patrick devoting two weeks to a new sport for this show. I can’t wait for them to run out of normal sports and eventually start watching jai alai or professional darts.

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I’m so sorry to Patrick and Rob because Fields got hurt. :frowning:

Nobody can have anything this year. Except the damn Chiefs, who as always must have everything.