Square Enix Delays ‘Final Fantasy VII’ Remake and ‘Avengers’

The early months of 2020 are pretty rough when it comes to new game releases, but one of the big promises on the horizon was the arrival of the first installment in the much-anticipated Final Fantasy VII remake. Square Enix, however, announced Final Fantasy VII (part one?) would be delayed from March 3 to April 10. Separately, the company’s other big release for the year, Marvel’s Avengers, is moving more substantially, from May 15 to September 4.

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I’m really, really happy that Avengers is moving out because their E3 presentation last year suggested that they were going to be buried alive by crunch trying to make that original date.


Avengers really needs… I don’t know what it needs, but more time and resources can’t hurt.

The whole multi-part Final Fantasy VII remake isn’t going to finish this decade. Calling it now.

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Unless this extra time is going to be used to make Avengers a tight single player experience I’m still not interested.

inb4 Cyberpunk is delayed to May.

I wouldn’t want that competition, no matter how confident I was in my game.

I am genuinely surprised that Cyberpunk hasn’t been delayed yet.

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They’re probably working on some damage control, because it would make Keanu’s whole BIG REVEAL mute.

I’m guessing they drop a gameplay vid or something with Reeves narrating and pushing back the release to mitigate damage.

If it’s a FFVII vs Cyperpunk fight, FFVII wins for me. Cyperpunk is gonna be arriving like a trash fire too most likely and won’t be really playable for a few weeks.

I wonder… Because there’s that whole section of players that won’t buy it because it’s episodic. I wonder how many FF stans wait until it’s all released.

who has time for new games?! I havent even played control yet!

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I feel like there hasn’t really been much talk about how damn weird this FF7 remaster is. Or maybe it’s just me as a 2000s kid who clearly missed the boat on this one. But this is one of the most grandiose reveling in nostalgia and it’s own hype that I’ve ever seen. It the return of Final Fantasy 7, who it it’s glorious return will grace us by turning each act of the original 40 hour game into sprawling 40 hour epics of its own. For FF7 is not only the greatest final fantasy, it’s the greatest RPG of all time, no the greatest game ever. Bask in its glory.

I just don’t get it


The thing I’m most looking forward with the FFVII remake is that there will be new renditions of all the music. All that final fantasy symphony music on Spotify is 100% my jam.

I played Avengers at a gaming convention last year. I really enjoyed the demo, it was basically the Batman combat schtick but constantly moving between different members of the avengers.

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I’d normally agree about FFVII, but it’s only been five years since initial announcement, and remember at least two or three of those years were spent with CyberConnect2, the creators of Asura’s Wrath. That version got scrapped because SE decided it just wasn’t good enough, but it makes me wonder why they went with a studio infamous for kind of being horrible at making games that are fun to play (they’re most traditionally fun games are Naruto and JoJo arena fighters, which honestly don’t play that well to begin with).

That tells me that future parts will have shorter development cycles because CyberConnect2 is already out of the picture.

The only thing we really have to worry about is…Nomura DISTANT THUNDER STRIKE

Anyways I’m tired of people dunking on this when Cyberpunk 2077 has been in development for eight years and is looking to be just more garbage cis straight guy cyberpunk.

Hear hear. I know game dev is not a zero sum game but now that Square seems to have a better grip on its flagship production flow, i can’t help but wish those efforts went towards new productions. FFVII was great and all, and I’m sure the remake will be fine, but this project has biblical proportions… Meanwhile, the original has been rereleased dozens of times and they never found the budget to fix its mangled, illegible translation???

The FF7 remake project has “hubris” written all over it, and the fact Square is so tight-lipped on future production plans doesn’t inspire confidence :sob:

These two games have recent releases to cite and learn from and the question is are the paying attention?

With Avengers delay I think SE saw what happened with Anthem and realizing that the initial offering in a game like this has to be feature complete and compelling narratively or it’ll end up costing you more.

FFVII Remake you have the success of Capcom’s RE2 remake, very much in the same mold as what they’re trying to do. What you’re allowed to change, update, etc… basically how big a swing you need to take in the eyes of the fans and newcomers to pull it off.

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It’s probably easier to imagine it as an adaptation than a remake, in the vein of (for better or worse) the Hobbit films which greatly expanded on the source material.

I’m hot and cold on the concept, but I still plan on playing it because the original is such a technologically pioneering work that it’s borderline impossible to play it without being constantly distracted by how badly its aged. Not just in the sense of the Lego character models, but how bad the game is at conveying the playable space of the pre-rendered backgrounds (they got better at this by FF9).

This is only barely related, but I remember hearing somewhere that the FF7 cameo in Kingdom Hearts was originally meant to be Vincent, but was changed to Cloud late in development. Which would explain why his personality and visual design are basically just Vincent with Cloud’s face.

I don’t have any confirmation of this, but it makes total sense considering how after KH1, Cloud had basically just morphed into Vincent for FF7 extended media like Advent Children.

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Where’s the Dirge of Cerberus remake Square?

If the remake does well I can imagine they do a remaster like they did with FF Type-0.

Called it. But I was WAY off.