Square Enix @ E3 2018 Official Discussion Thread

Welcome to the Waypoint Forum’s discussion of E3 2018. This is the official thread for talk about the Square Enix press conference and the games discussed and announced during that press conference. It can also contain discussion of further coverage of those games or companies that appears in later days. We want to contain overlap and multiple threads so please contain all discussion of Square Enix to this thread.
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Link to conference stream: www.twitch.tv/squareenix

Schedule of all conferences:

Final Fantasy Versus 15,let’s do this

Serious question: why does Lara Croft murder so many people?


Because they’re mercenaries and cultists who are going to either track her down and kill her first or end the world via dark magic.

Edit: The latter being a modern retelling of the myth of the necessity of White colonialism (I’m pretty sure they don’t actually think that much about how this deeply influences the various tropes in this genre but it’s not exactly a hidden implication).

Edit2: Huh, sounds like maybe the most recent podcast gets into this and how the trailers are hiding the real pitch.

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Ah okay, thanks.

Like they said on the podcast, I hope these dudes have the confidence/skill to make Lara legit bad

Captain Spirit looks so goooooood


Babylon’s Fall looks like it could be dope. Reminds me I really need to get Bayonetta for my Switch.

Great, an actual Just Cause trailer

The Quiet Man is never coming out

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That was more than a little short

Kingdom Hearts continues to be the most dunkable franchise in video games.


New Platinum? Cool! And then one other new game that didn’t look promising, and that was it? I wasn’t expecting FF7R, but the Marvel game at least? Why even waste Keith Davids time on this.

They had so few games, they could easily stretch it to an hour with gameplay from all of them. I appreciated the Just Cause 4 trailer because it spoke about what was new a bit, which maybe could please fans (I’m not one). I would like trailers to be more like that, actually a little informative, and not just montages.

remember when square enix announced a game called the quiet man

about a quiet man

great stuff

it boasts the least responsive conversation trees in the history of gaming

I sincerely hope they lean into colonialism being bad and make Laura a villain. That would be so nice. The Quiet Man is a bad name, but it seems like it might be a game with a deaf protagonist so that’s something? Kingdom Hearts 3 is a mess and I am so unsure of what it’s gonna end up being…

As a fan of old Tomb Raider, I just let out a big sigh at the footage of Shadow of the Tomb Raider.

I already thought the second game was too much of hiding in bushes to shank unsuspecting expositional spouting PMCs. It looks like the third game will be more of the same but y’know in a Jungle. Like all those movies?

Why can’t you make Lara Croft an aristocratic high society lady of leisure, who pisses off the tabloid papers, our celebrity obsessed culture, all animal right activists groups and archaelogical societies as she gallavants around the world raiding tombs. The only place she feels truly at home is out of the limelight, raiding tombs for some dark macabre reason. She has the wealth and resources to do things solo, which gives her the belief that she is entitled to whatever prize or relic lies at the other end.

Bring back the platforming and acrobatics.

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