Square Enix - E3 2019 Official Thread

Someone in the Giant Bomb chat said that was originally a vita game which would explain it.

Wait so it’s just the original avengers. That’s kinda lame


Wow they really picked the least interesting route they could have with this avengers game, huh. I’m sure it’ll be plenty fun, just, not what I was hoping for.


This cast is 2011-core AF

“We have THE five video game voice actors to play The Avengers!!!”


I mean, I knew what to expect, but dang. Just. No interesting Avengers?
Hopefully Ultimate Alliance isn’t total trash.
Not to say the Avengers game will be bad (though I couldn’t tell from the brief gameplay footage what it would be like), but I just. . .I don’t actually love any of these characters? Other than the Walt Simonson run on Thor that is. That shit is gold. I Just. I’m not interested in being these people or spending time around these people. Gimme some fun Avengers.

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I wish they showed some gameplay.

At least no lootboxes or pay to win mechanics…

Did they say they’ll be adding more Avengers over time?

holy f*ckin shit I know everything about this avengers game except what it actually goddamn is, what the hell is this presentation

edit: wait literally no goddamn gameplay footage, or details, just a stinger that the shrink man is in this? I have never been so utterly baffled by a presentation



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So this is a come back in 18 months when the game is cheaper and all the character are in it and maybe someone I care about is there? Super Excite.

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That seems like a weird concept if this has a specific story. Will you be replaying the story with different characters? Will this be an evolving game with new story content? This really was not well explained, unless I just missed it

Well that was a wild way to end the show. Start playing music then immediately cut it off and show what looked like a license agreement so dense and small I can’t read it. Friggin weird.

Pretty great showing up till the end though, way more than I expected out of it after last year.

No Yoko taro or Babylon’s fall. Boo


That was definitely a Square Enix show. A few sound problems, a trailer not playing the music right, etc. etc.

Also definitely the best SE show by far. They seem to have won E3 as far as I’m concerned.

Goddamn FFVII actually looks good which annoys me as a turn-based purist. Okinaki looks good. I remembered how much I love Octopath. DQ11 in the fall at the worst time… Yup, good shit.

EDIT: Also weird as fuck to have an FPS that isn’t Witchfire. What happened to that?

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Very happy for people who are excited about Final Fantasy.

As someone waiting for that Avengers game, I will, uh, continue waiting.

I’m mad about the Avengers game. They didn’t show us anything. They made the assumption that we care about these voice actors (can we stop elevating them above the other workers making these games?) more than gameplay… and I’m getting tired of games-as-a-service.

Like… Really cool that Eidos Montreal won’t get to finish their Deus Ex games and instead get to be relegated to Avengers DLC hell.

I would rather finish Adam Jensen’s story than spend time with these weird lookin’ avengers phonies.


focusing so hard on the core avengers that have been featured in the movies for the last decade so much in this trailer just makes everyone look like off brand versions of their mcu characters.

a feeling i didn’t get at all from spider-man last year. (it maybe also helps that spider-man has had 3 on screen actors so i don’t just associate him with 1 person)

but yeah unless i start seeing more interesting heroes (i want that rumor about kamala/ms. marvel to be true) i completely underwhelmed. all these years waiting but they won’t show us gameplay even though they have a demo there at e3??? like what

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I wonder if all this no gameplay is the result of market research that says that showing gameplay can only hurt the marketing push. Kinda like playable demos going the way of the dodo, his is probably the next step in that.

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I can believe that. Have the announcement be a cinematic trailer for the wide audience then let the people who want gameplay look it up themselves.

Also it was kind of weird having the trailer be about Captain America dying right after they said he was playable. Not that it’s a surprise he’s in it but it undercut what was supposed to be an emotional scene.