Square-Enix @ E3 2021

Ready for the double feature, gamers? Excited about checks notes the Avengers expansion pack? Did Yoshi P upgrade his time travel invention? Find out in 40 minutes!

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Final Fantasy mobile ports on Switch, Let’s Freaking Go!!!


Give me Kingdom Hearts!!

The only Kingdom Hearts I expect is some sort of news about Dark Road/another KHUX cinematic to summarize the wild ass ending like they did in II.8 Final Chapter Prologue.

I think Eidos Montreal is doing a Guardians of the Galaxy game, unless I hallucinated that. That might be here. Whatever it is.

Looking forward to Bayo :carrot: netta 3.

over here desperately clawing at the already closed fingers of the monkey’s paw trying to will a different universe where Deus Ex is actually in development into existence

I don’t know, maybe there’ll be something here? Guardians of the Galaxy I’m curious about just because it is Montreal. Wonder if there’s anything big for Tomb Raider, or were they too busy on Avengers? Maybe a gigantic pivot for Avengers refocusing it as a singleplayer experience instead of a service game?

Can’t wait to be that person picking apart anything/everything in whatever FFXIV trailer they show!

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Tomb Raider (as I watch the Giant Bomb stream) was last rebooted in 2013 and that most recent game came out in like, 2019. I imagine Tomb Raider is going back into the IP closet with Deus Ex for a while. Avengers is getting a big new Black Panther-focused DLC free to all players coming out this fall sometime. Apparently the Ni-oh team is doing a Final Fantasy spinoff but Ni-oh? Maybe some Outriders DLC.

Guardians reminds me a bit of Jedi: Fallen Order, which is not a bad thing. eta: Not sure how I feel about the team stuff but it looks better than Avengers.

I think I would have preferred a Drax game

Gosh I hope so. It kinda looks like the thing I wanted out of Avengers, which was a “let me play as one character with a really polished loop and a good story.” I hope that’s still true here, although their Peter Quill looks…hmmm.


I’m glad he doesn’t look like Chris Pratt but for whatever reason he’s giving me strong Wyatt-Russell-as-John-Walker vibes.

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Rocket will remember that.

We’ve watched a couple minutes of Guardians of the Galaxy and boy am I TIRED of the humour already


Update (added above so tweet would embed properly):

I appreciate the honestly of this demo. I definitely believe this is a real video game. Adding Telltale-style storytelling is actually kind of an interesting take on a game like this.


It’s an odd one. I like the concept (GotG as Mass Effect) but I’m not really into the characterisation or aesthetic shown so far. But definitely something to be said for “this looks like a real game”.

Babylon’s Fall reminds me, oddly, of White Knight Chronicles. And it’s a live service… hm.


Alex’s abilities make it seem like the story could get DARK, I’m gonna be strongly tempted to play as a villain in this

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