Stalk Market Scammers Are Plaguing 'Animal Crossing'

Getting good at playing the stalk market in Animal Crossing: New Horizons means that you have to rely on the community. If you're sitting on dozens of turnips that go bad by the end of the week, if you can't offload them for a good price on your own island, you have to try other players' islands. While this is a great way to maximize your profits, it turns out it's also a great way to get ripped-off.

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Wack! But unsurprising.

I’m really grateful to have the Waypoint community and other friends on discord for turnip selling and item trading. I feel like it’s insulated me from this flavor of tomfoolery.

I’ve only ever played New Leaf, so I’m not a AC fan in any regards, but it feels to me that this item trading setups is just not at all in line with what AC is about.

It feels like people created another capitalist type system rich for exploitation. AC obviously doesn’t have any tools to manage this sort of stuff which is why people have to create some convoluted barriers to be able to get the stuff they want.

When I first heard about people opening up their islands for others to get good turnip prices I thought it was a great effort for a community to work together and make things better for people everywhere.
But this stuff? It’s just gross and greedy.