Star Trek Bridge Crew


Anyone with PSVR or similar up for getting a Waypoint forum game of this going at some point? I’d really like to try it but don’t want to be teamed up completely randomly


This is the reason I want a vr set.


Holy crap, it’s out now? Completely missed that

I have a PSVR, would love to set something up with some other waypointer’s after I’ve got my bearings with the game

Have to get round to buying it first though!


Nice. What I’ve heard is that it’s cross playable with the vive too but I’m not exactly sure how the matchmaking works cross platforn


Same, yeah

It’s pretty cool they’re being so smart about it and letting people do matchmaking from different platforms

I’ll keep my eye on this thread and whenever you guys want to start something I’d be down for it

You playing on PSVR too?


I’m also on PSVR yup yup. Add me to PSN as SurplusGamer if you like


Will do

And I’m BlitzEileen for anyone else who wants to add as well