Star Wars: Battlefront 2 — This is where the fun begins

If you follow games at all you are probably familiar with the rough launch DICE’s Star Wars: Battlefront 2 had back in 2017. The inclusion of loot boxes was so maligned it sparked international conversation on the matter that we’re still only beginning to see the ramifications of. Though even removed for that the response was lukewarm. The single player campaign - a big focus of the marketing - was poorly received and the multiplayer battles while bigger in scope to the 2015 game couldn’t retain a healthy community in light of the controversy. By all accounts it seemed like the sort of mess that neither EA nor DICE would be able to clear. Out of a mix of morbid curiosity and a desire to see my nostalgia for the old Pandemic games pandered to, I’ve spent the past 2 or so years following along with the post-launch updates. To my surprise, the game looks very different to what it did back in 2017.

Perhaps most significantly the loot boxes that were the source of a lot of the scorn directed at the game at launch are completely gone, and the progression systems that previously rewarded this loot have been totally reworked. There is no longer a long, tiresome grind just to earn enough credits to play as Darth Vader. Instead, the game has doubled-down on cosmetics that can be purchased with these credits (or alternatively, real currency). These changes were nice and necessary to getting the game to a better state, but I think a big turning point in the image of Battlefront 2 was the move to focusing on Clone Wars era content that so many of the fans were itching for.

Announced at E3 last year, DICE has spent the better half of 2018 and 2019 adding a number of characters and settings from the prequel movies to Battlefront and with them found a momentum that turned my morbid interest in this game into actual excitement. Though, admittedly, my fondest memories of the older Battlefront series were not of these big multiplayer matches or any particular era of the universe. What I liked most about those games were fighting off wave after wave of enemy bots with a friend. Living out these fantasies of being Luke Skywalker facing down dozens of stormtroopers and what have you. Which is why one of the most recent updates to the game is what finally got me to reinstall Battlefront 2 and find myself hooked.

Yes, they finally added back the classic “Instant Action” mode from the older series, and a new co-op mode which has proven to be surprisingly fun in its own right. These PVE modes were a such a great addition for a player like me who rarely can deal with the anxiety of facing off against real players (especially when the small but dedicated playerbase has become very good at the game). They are currently only tied to the Clone Wars-era maps/characters but I have hope that DICE will eventually expand these out to the other eras.

At the risk of making this post much longer I’ll wrap it up here. I mostly wanted to make this thread to call attention to a game that many folks have (with good reason) passed over since it launched in 2017. If you weren’t following closely, I couldn’t fault you for still thinking it remained as unappealing as it was back then. For my part though I think it has come a long way. Ultimately it isn’t much more than a sandbox, you aren’t going to find thoughtful critiques of the ideas that make up Star Wars (like in, say, The Last Jedi) but if you are charmed by the sights and sounds of this part of pop culture, you can do a lot worse than Star Wars: Battlefront 2 these days.


Huh. That’s good to hear, anyway. I might have to check that out before The Outer Worlds drops.

I played it for a few days when the last update came out in late September, and had a really good time with it. It’s a really fun multiplayer shooter, and just a great way to be immersed in the sights and sounds of the Star Wars universe. I’ve fallen back into a Destiny hole, and with The Outer Worlds coming out this week, I’m not sure how much time I’ll have to dip back into Battlefront, but I agree that they’ve done a really nice turnaround.

The one thing I wish they built more upon is the Starfighter Assault mode. That was probably my favorite mode at launch, and it’s largely been abandoned with no real updates since their ‘The Last Jedi’ seasonal update. I for one would not be unhappy if they tasked Criterion with a full X-Wing arcade space combat game.


Oh wow I’m pleasantly surprised to hear this. I was a big fan of the PS2 and PSP Battlefront games and, like you, really enjoyed playing the Instant Action (and Galactic Conquest!) modes with my brother as a co-op PvE experience.

Fast forward to this generation, and this time around it’s my partner and I that sunk a bunch of hours into the Battlefront (2015) remake, though we played a lot of the PvP modes rather than the PvE stuff. We both picked up Battlefront II at launch, but didn’t put much time into it, partially because of the terrible progression/lootbox stuff and partially because other games caught our focus at the time.

So I’m happy to hear DICE has actually been keeping the game going, and after reading your post, I may go back now and to check out some of that the new stuff for myself :slightly_smiling_face:

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I couldn’t fit it into the OP but I’d also like to draw attention to the latest update, released today, that reintroduces a reworked version of one of the strangest modes in Battlefront 2:

If you’ve ever played matches with the “infection/zombie” ruleset in the Halo series, it plays out much the same here. A couple players start as ewoks and the rest assume the role of stormtroopers. If you are defeated as a stormtrooper you will respawn as an ewok, and matches progress with the stormtrooper side slowly being diminished by the ewoks. It is at once hilarious and honestly a little unnerving. The presentation is fantastic and though it is not at all something I’d ever imagine asking for from this kind of game, it quickly became one of my favourite modes when I played it last year. You can find more details about that update here:


This reminds me of one of the best older comics, where a Stormtrooper documents his squad being slowly wiped out by guerilla Ewoks

Can’t remember what it was called, but I do remember loving it


Might have been this?

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