Star Wars Rise of Skywalker discussion thread [SPOILER]

Hello from Shanghai, China. Just on the way home from an advance screening of the latest Star War. It’s…not easy to describe. My current feeling ranges from the relief that the trilogy is finally over to the resentment for the choices Abrams and his team made rendering this new trilogy utterly pointless. That is even more pointless than the prequels, I dare say. I would not go into details here, for most of you all cannot chip in until Dec, 21st of my time zone. So this is it for me right now. See you all later.

P.S This is a flyer in the theatre trying to get the new comers caught up. As someobe who have 2 decade long experience with Star Wars media, I don’t think it helps at all.


did you enjoy the force awakens and the last jedi? Or one of them more than the other?

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I’m just gonna assume that chart is a family tree and not ask any questions.


I’ve been saying it since about the middle of The Force Awakens, when I realized it was a remake of the first movie: the prequels are better than the sequels.

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The Last Jedi is one of my favorite movies of the decade, and I resent Force Awakens. Guess I was naive to except anything else from Abrams.


It is a “Chart of Characters’ Relationship”, but family tree ain’t far off…


The sequels aren’t my favorite, but the prequels are a stew of unconvincing CG, wooden acting, and a healthy portion of racist stereotypes that I can’t say any Star Wars media is worse than Episodes 1-3.


Nooooo…of course they’d do this but nooooo

This movie sounds hilarious, like we all joked about the ways they could bugger it up and it’s like they just… made that movie. Like they confused the memes for IKEA instructions.

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I’m extremely hype to see this one. Force Awakens played it very safe but the execution was good and I enjoyed it a lot. Last Jedi was like the opposite, the script/general plotting was like idiotically bad, way worse than the prequels in that respect, but I loved the directions they started to movie everything in (and then immediately walked back at the film’s conclusion of course lmao). I liked it a lot too.

This one sounds like Disney in their attempts to make something as widely appealing as possible 4th dimensional chessed their way into a movie that’s not really pleasing anyone.


Eh, not many people liked Return of the Jedi when it came out either.

Seems par for the course honestly.

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I loved Episode 6 unironically when I first saw it at the age of 9. Can’t say the same about this new one at the age of 29.

HUH, almost like these films are made for kids.


Fair point. But there are various body horror elements in this new one, in a “Is this still rated PG-13?” provoking way. So who is this made for is seriously in question.

The worst fans, it sounds like.

“I NEED TO KNOW WHO SNOKE IS OK?!?!?” - Person who doesn’t understand Red Herrings.

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Well, wtf is Snoke will be answered within about 5 minutes into the movie. This is truely the Guns of Patriots of Star Wars…


The funny thing is, Star Wars fans think they’ve always had answers to questions through the films, but they almost always got it through some side EU content. No one knew ANYTHING about the Emperor in the OG OT, but apparently the mystery behind Snoke was just TOO MUCH TO BEAR.

I’m going to inhale a bottle of whiskey when these ‘fans’ do a 180 and then decide they like TLJ 10 years later.


Eh, none of that really bugs me. Abrams kinda promised a milquetoast retread of the original trilogy in The Force Awakens, so all this is pretty expected once The Last Jedi course correction became apparent.

TFA is safe, but I always thought it kind of needed to be. It was a good first entry to a series that was different enough that could get new and old fans on board.

But NOOO after what Rian Johnson did, the literal MURDERER of my childhood, we can’t have any divergence from the binary light/dark side mythos we always had!

/s of course.


Hey, Guns of the Patriots is kinda good though

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