Star Wars Rise of Skywalker discussion thread [SPOILER]

I mean, I’m gonna consider the blowing up Alderaan super not smart any which way you slice it. A planet with billions of people suddenly removed from existence would have massive impact on the galactic economy. Like, let’s say a one world government glassed Canada. The impact would likely result in a Great Depression as trade routes, resources sourcing, and labor capital would be all snuffed out. This would inevitably lead to mass starvation and a swelling underclass of have nots. But the military would keep order, you say? Not with a vastly shrunk tax base and soldiers with families experiencing great hardship. Dark side or no, Palpatine’s grip was given to him by the people, and a galaxy wide revolt isn’t going to be stopped by some force lightning.


Emperor Palpatine, in Rise of Skywalker:


(Please forgive me for this pointless tangent but) I’ve gotten really annoyed by of the “Star Wars was made for children/Star Wars is supposed to be silly/bad/senseless/etc” stuff. Not so much what’s been said here as much as stuff I’ve seen a lot of on Twitter from people trying to justify their enjoyment of something and subsequent disappointment with it.

Star Wars is a myth. It’s patterned after myths. It’s supposed to play/read like a myth. Lucas, quite literally, read The Hero with a Thousand Faces and went “I want to make one of these.”

And myths are all of those things. Through a modern lens, they’re silly and hopelessly broad and generally don’t have very nuanced ideas of what good and evil are (if they even have them at all, because many of them don’t). They are about larger than life people and characters and conflicts that make only the most surface-level kind of sense. They have exaggerated scale and scope—like what’s more ridiculous, blowing up a planet to find a code or laying siege to a city and basically dooming your entire army because your wife ran away? They’re usually about some greater sense of religion or the broad tale of a culture elevated to some kind of wild heights. But, of course, a lot of myths have been culturally retconned to be children’s stories. And that’s where this comes from. That’s what Star Wars is.

Anyway, I’ll go back to my bored, former literature student sandpit now.




Is this movies? I love movies.

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Okay, for real though, I didn’t hate it. It would be hard for me to hate it, as there’s a lot of fun, cool, Star Wars-y stuff in there. If all you really want is the melodrama, lasers going “pew pew” and force lightning, ROS should be sufficient.

But I also thought it was overlong, a clear corporate hatchet job, and that it sparked no sense of joy. I really didn’t want to leave this movie with a feeling of “I’m glad that’s over with”, not after liking Force Awakens, loving Last Jedi, and LOVING Rogue One, but Rise of Skywalker was mostly tedious and boring. Shitty.


They were only ever meant to be a cameo, their main purpose was to choreograph the fights, which while there weren’t many they did a good job of. Look how ferocious and dangerous Kylo feels and moves during the final battle and how much emotion you can feel in the couple of fights in that flick. Compare to how poorly executed the throne room fight in Last Jedi is despite it technically being more ambitious and in a very cool room.

I’d kill for the two of them to main a Star Wars flick with Gareth Evans directing instead of Gareth Edwards. :smiley:

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ahh you’re right, thanks for calling it out.

I had no idea they helped choreograph those! Makes me feel a bit better.

I love the way you think! Two jedis have to fight their way to the top of a building filled with elite warriors and commanded by a sith…

Wait, I just remembered the fake-out Chewbacca death moment.

Actually this movie might suck ass. I need to rethink this.


There are several death fakeouts, right? I’ve already forgotten most of the film, I think.

I’m even more hype for it even though it will never happen. Some Sith asshole is at the top of some tower and only Iko Uwais and Yayan Ruhian can fight their way up to stop him, rated R but not mega gory like Raid 2 just enough that you can see people getting hit and more than just one lightsaber dismemberment. I’d be there opening night.


I have more than my fair share of love for dumb shit. I love video game and anime after all. But Rise of Skywalker crossed some line for me.


Saw it last night, and lol Palpatine is again easily the best, liveliest character in the movie. He’s not spouting memes constantly or anything, but he’s still such a cartoonishly evil goober and just pure fun to watch. Every time Palpatine wasn’t on screen, I was asking myself, where’s Palpatine??


I looooved the horror-ish way his scenes were shot. The massive statues, the spoopy lightning, weird monkey man. It felt like the wildest elements of the EU brought to screen (to some extent) and I really enjoyed it. And the spider arm holding him up at the end! Loved it.


Kylo Ren sucks.

I can’t believe we’ve had two films where this dude failed a redemption arc just handed to him on a silver platter and he still gets the girl, even if he dies for it. The more I think about this movie the more annoyed I get with this particular aspect of the film. I would have been okay with Reylo (or… Benrey?) if he were redeemed even as late as the end of The Last Jedi, if we spent this film with him being better. I would have been okay with the Redemption by Death thing if he died refusing to kill Leia; he kills Han, he kills Luke, but he dies refusing to kill Leia. “It’s like poetry,” yeah? But dying to save Rey, getting romantic resolution from a woman he’s continuously fucked over? Gag me.

Romantic redemption arcs are always a little :thinking: but IDK, this one just seems especially unearned.


I hoped that they would not kiss by the end , but no this is a Hollywood movie, we need that bullshit.


Now that December, 20th 2019 is in the book for majority of our planet, I am going to drop my spoiler filled rabble about Rise of Skywalker. Before I start, I would say that while RoS provides lots of answers that viewers may or may not want, there are questions raised along with them as well. My cynical part can see Disney selling books, graphic novels or otherwise, to address those questions that should not have been asked at the first time. Guess inquisitive fans’ dollars are too hard to pass for the House of Mouse. Now, let the rabble begin!

1.Palpatine is behind First Order all along! This is quite a bummer for me, to the point that I found this new trilogy pointless. To those who defend Force Awakens as a reflection of our time since First Order is like Neo Nazi to the Empire’s Nazi German, you all would have been right only if this extremely complex social threat we are facing is boiled down to a harebrained scheme planned by Hitler on grotesque life support. Fictional reflection of reality require simplification, but what Abrams and his team did is just insulting.
2.Snok turn out to be a meat puppet Palpatine made to manipulate Ben Solo into the Dark Side and forge Kylo Ren. There is a tank filled with lifeless bodies of Snok. My inquisitive part in the brain instinctively started to speculate if Snok is actually a clone of Papaltine’s Seth master Darth Plagueis, who got canonically mentioned in Episode 3. Honestly, I don’t care if that is the case, but then again Disney would always love to sell more pieces of Star Wars media, this is merely another opportunity for them to exploit.
3.Rey is Palpatine’s granddaughter, her father was the emperor’s son. Okay, who in their right mind would fuck Palpatine after Windu fucked up his face? Guess Disney would eventually commission a book about a man who was nobody because he chose so.
4.Rey climbing the wreck of Death Star is so Tomb Raider! Guess the crew of that 2018 TR movie spent most of their budget on the drifting set piece, so no CG climbing for Alicia Vikander as Lara Croft.
5.Speak of Tomb Raider, the way Palpatine was defeated is a well-rendered anti-climax very much in the vein of Shadow of Tomb Raider disposing of Trinity. Rey eventually killed him by reflecting his Force Lightning back at him just like Windu did in Episode 3. She succeeded because A she did it with 2 light sabers and B there were no one there to stop her. The aftermath also destroyed the throne of Seth and killed millions of people in black robes, like how the ACP carrying Trinity High Consul members got overrun in Shadow of Tomb Raider.
6.Carrie Fisher’s untimely passing can be felt throughout the movie, the most obvious point is the fact that they brought back Harrison Ford as Han Solo to visualize Kylo Ren’s redemption. Ford of course did not play a Force Ghost, but as Ben Solo’s memory of dad. Mr. Driver and Ms. Fisher would have finally got a meaningful scene with each other in the trilogy, but Ms. Fisher is no longer available to give such performance. RIP, sweet princess.
7.Body horror moments including Palpatine’s grotesque wounded body and the equally grotesque life support device he hooked on. Kylo Ren carrying a severed alien head. They bleed green. Rey’s ability to heal through Force. Both bloody wounds and flesh er…growing are shown on screen. Funny that Baby Yoda also Force healed someone in the penultimate episode of the Mandalorian’s first season. Both shown to public in the same week.
8.I asked for a picture of Galaxy Gun in the old expanded universe, it looks bigger than a Star Destroyer. In Rise of Skywalker, there is a big fleet of older model Star Destroyers called the Last Order…Each of those has a canon cable of destroying planets under it. While Abrams and his team did not make Star Killer Base 2.0, this ain’t that far off in terms of being dumb.
9.In the end, Kylo Ren/Ben Solo saved Rey, who was deadly exhausted from killing the Seth order, by giving her his er…Force essence, I think. It feels like a love scene already, then they kissed before Ren/Solo died like Obi-wan, Yoda and Luke Skywalker with his body gone into the ether. I couldn’t help but face palm in the theatre when I saw it. For fuck sake, Hollywood! Mad Max and Furiosa had been friends for a day in Fury Road yet they didn’t kiss. Here, 2 sworn enemies just got to the point of “We are cool” for merely hours, and they fucking kissed? Stop this bullshit already!

10.As breakneck as the movie is, there are times when I felt the editing drags. With character staring into nothing or just an empty scenery, there are at least a couple of seconds should have been shaved off. I don’t know if it’s because I read a lot of comic book lately or Abrams and crew were taking a page out of the Hideo Kojima editing book…
Thank you for your patience if you read through all that. I actually have more to say. But for now I need to stop thinking about this movie.


Completely agonizing, appallingly disrespectful in tossing aside the ideas of the last film.

1 - I had my head in my hands for the Big Reveal. They had to twist the lines from TLJ so badly to fit in Rei’s new backstory. It might as well have been a full retcon.

2 - The Emperor was always best as a thematic concept rather than a full-blooded character. It sucked when the prequels tried to make him a grand puppetmaster, and it sucks even harder here to make him an Ultimate Puppetmaster. Weren’t they trying to avoid the narrative pitfalls of those movies?

3 - Inventing new characters from whole cloth to give Finn and Poe each dedicated girlfriend characters was the absolute worst. Kelly Marie Tran deserves so much better than this movie.

It completely abandoned following up on the state of the world post-TLJ, and instead tries to start from a semi-clean reset, to the point of the pacing being a total drag with how many threads it’s trying to manage.

I don’t often hate a film, but I despised this one.