'Star Wars: Squadrons' Is Nearly the 'TIE Fighter' Heir You're Looking For

One thing I’ve had a lot of success doing is flying way high over the battlefield and then picking out somebody to get a kill from above. Usually means I get at least 1 kill per life before I die. I think people forget that they have more than just a 2D plane to work with (at least at lower levels).

Also, is anybody else having a lot of trouble getting matches? I’ve been stuck at 9/10 to get ranked because so many matches I play don’t have all 10 people, or they do but somebody (often myself) gets disconnected and then the whole thing doesn’t count. My wifi hasn’t struggled to keep me connected to any other game, which makes me think it’s EA and not me.

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Anecdotally, I think it is mostly console players struggling to connect to the servers. Sometimes I do lose connection (has happened twice), but I was able to rejoin the match. Definitely makes doing placements a real struggle because so many of them don’t end up counting. I’ve been playing a lot, so I’ve long since passed the 10 matches required, and have earned the achievement for 10 Fleet Battles wins with either side. I think I just hit 50 matches played, with exactly 50% win-rate, so hey I guess the matchmaker is doing its job? Or it’s all just random (honestly, at this stage, more likely) and 50 matches is enough of a sample size to hit an even distribution.

I’m currently Maverick 2 (I won a 4v5 and was awarded over 150 skill rating for that match alone), though I have seen other players have a bugged skill rating and are stuck on 0 for some reason, despite winning a ton. I have also seen players get a stack underflow on their rating, going into the negatives, and then being awarded with a “congratulations, you are a galactic ace” screen. So, this game has a bunch of problems. I’m still having a ton of fun even when I’m playing a 2 or 3 vs 5 match, which makes all the disconnect issues easier to take. Of course, I’m not the one constantly disconnecting, so that helps.

Also, definitely a fan of flying high above the plane of the capital ships for the early skirmish! I think on maps like Esseles, I need to figure out the layout of that space station and use it more often for approaches and escapes. My favourite map at the moment is Sissubo, which I guess is the most generic “space with debris” map.

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On the topic of flying above the plane I find it to be a worthwhile practice to always rotate so the important action is above your ship. It means you’re less likely to have visual scanning of something important blocked by your instruments.

I haven’t gotten it yet, but the starships seem kind of useless and easy to take out? I was watching Cado’s stream and there are a lot of people just hovering above the ships and shooting them while standing still.

Cado suggested maybe increasing the respawn timer, but I think a more interesting mechanic would be that the capital ships have point defense systems that can’t be taken out and have full coverage that are much more accurate the slower you are going.

Maybe the guns you can take out are good against capital ships, and if you don’t take them out your side’s cruisers will just get decimated when they close in.

I found the Aviator control scheme on PS4 last night, which replaces yaw on the right thumbstick with roll - perfect! I think pitch on roll on the stick was always the default for the X-Wing series, and there’s something about using two sticks to turn that I can’t quite internalise.

Except it’s broken, and yesterday’s update didn’t fix it…

Gonna brag a bit (a lot), but after putting in dozens of hours in this game, it feels great to be able to look at a scoreboard and say “I’ve come a long way since I was level 1”

This is unranked so the matchmaking just decided it was gonna “randomly” put the three level 1 players on one team and the two level 20+ players on the other. Skill-based matchmaking is a good thing, actually (I realise it would be very difficult to accurate matchmake a week-old game). This just kinda shows how high the skill base is for this game and how punishing it is for newcomers to the game/genre, though.

I’ve mostly been playing Fleet Battles and while I have been having a blast, it’s a bit frustrating that I am losing MMR from matches where the game explicitly tells me I will not be losing MMR for a loss or abandonment. There’s a lot of bugs and other issues that need to be ironed out, but the core gameplay is so pleasing to me that I keep coming back to it.


Finally got ranked, but still have more matches with fewer than 10 people than full. Been pretty frustrating to lose rank points, etc. from that. Think I’m in the lowest ranked level, which is fine (prob where I belong), but still a bit frustrating that about half the matches to “place” me weren’t actually full. Mostly winning and being a good contributor at least.

One thing I think is kind of a bummer is that support isn’t getting much traction. I’ve tried a couple times to fill that role myself, but, well, it’s not much fun for me. Anybody having a good time playing support? Most teams I’ve been on without a support ship have done just fine as well. That aspect seems a bit undercooked to me.

I play support a fair bit. I use the ion lasers, which is incredibly fun when you can shoot and disable an enemy ship and send it careening into debris and causing it to explode when their controls stop working (you get credited for the kill when a disabled ship crashes into debris and explodes). I frequently top the score leaderboard when I’m playing support, so I think that role is well-rewarded by the game. Generally my playstyle is to stay just behind my team and send out supply drones as often as possible. Even if I don’t see a team-mate, I’ll just throw it out somewhere I think a team-mate will find useful, such as between the two frigates (especially on defense; frigates cannot repair when they are under attack). My other aux weapon is usually the marking tool, which disables enemy countermeasures and causes them to take an extra 30% damage. Having ion lasers as my main weapon saves me from having to use an ion aux. I also always use the SLAM Engine so that I can build up boost power passively.

Edit: here’s the scoreboard from a Fleet Battle I just played as 100% support (note it was a full 5v5 the whole way through, one of the players just left after the match right before I took this screenshot). Fewest deaths in the game is my main goal as a support player. That level 47 (was playing A-Wing throughout) on my team definitely carried, haha. Getting high kills is important to enable our two bombers (mostly had one bomber and a 2nd player that swapped to bomber here and there) to hit the objectives. I used my ion lasers to help knock out the ISD shields a couple of times too.

Hey, thanks so much for the response. That’s a ton of great info. I haven’t tried out the marking or the ion primary cannons, so those are good ideas for me to check out. If I get a match where we’re doing well or is mismatched with players I’ll try these ideas. I haven’t used any ion weapons at all so far. Also never considered just popping the repair out to a useful spot, and in retrospect that’s an obvious good idea. Seems like you’ve very much got this down!

I’m still at the lowest rank and definitely a low-level player, so I’ve been experimenting a lot with different builds and vehicles. My most success has come from using a tie bomber with the front shield, multi-lock missiles, and the primary gun non-lockon with a bit of wind-up. Thicker hull as well. Been playing it almost like a fighter and getting a lot of kills. Bit less good for going for capital ships. It’s probably time for me to, uh, actually play the tutorial and figure out where the pressure points are on the capital ships, I’ve kind of just been shooting wildly as is.

Carried a team in dogfight today (13 kills, 8 killstreak), so I’m feeling good about that build and my improvement as a player.


I figured I’d try to see how fast I can beat the obstacle course in the practice range. Finished in 1 min 5 sec! I could be boosting a lot more, so I’ll try to beat this time soon.

edit: got a sub-1 minute time :slight_smile:

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Using the bomber and Y-Wing in the heavy fighter loadout you just described is a load of fun. You wouldn’t think being a slow tank would be as effective as it is in a game like this.

The rotary cannon just turns fighters into confetti and in fleet battles you can focus on taking out AI fighters and rack up so many AI kills that your team can maintain morale advantage the whole time.


In the words of former Kotaku video guy Chris Person, “you just melt people”

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There is a pretty big problem in the game right now with bombers (specifically the TIE bomber) just parking next to ships underneath their shields and melting entire capital ships faster than the bomber itself can be destroyed. https://www.reddit.com/r/StarWarsSquadrons/comments/j7od5j/this_is_how_you_kill_a_nebluonb_in_38_seconds/
the rotary cannon should for sure have higher DPS than the standard cannon, but why on earth can it shoot for so long. Note that the TIE bomber is much more effective at this both because it is tankier and it can effectively shoot for twice as long as the Y-Wing due to the power conversion mechanic.

edit: btw when it comes to taking out AI in fleet battles, targeting the middle TIE in a squad of 5 TIEs with the goliath missile instantly takes them all out, haha. The bomber also has access to multi-lock missiles, which again is extremely effective at destroying AI. It’s kind of weird to me that the default loadout of the bombers have the automatic ion cannon and the multi-lock missiles, neither of which are effective at…bombing capital ships.

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