StarCraft 2 is free to play now!

Yay, it’s finally here. The original Wings of Liberty campaign (the best campaign in the trilogy, in my opinion, from a gameplay perspective) is free forever; a free update to Heart of the Swarm exists if you own Wings of Liberty. More info here:

The multiplayer is also almost entirely free now (much of it was already free before), so I wonder if anyone is interested in picking it up for the first time, or returning to it after a long hiatus? Co-op in StarCraft 2 is really fun with a friend; it’s a mode that lets you and a buddy use over-powered units and abilities in stand-alone missions with different objectives. StarCraft has a reputation for being a difficult and demanding game, so playing in co-op lets you share the burden with a friend, and it’s against computer opponents so you can choose what difficulty you want. The mission designs are pretty interesting (some of them are just altered versions of campaign missions), and there is a huge amount of variety in the way different commanders play out. Hit me up on superhiero#6656 or in the waypoint discord if you wanna play!

I would definitely suggest to anyone who fell off RTSs and never got round to this that the campaign is indeed the highlight of the series. It does enough to make every mission unique and vibrant (ok, there may be a couple of duds in there but go down to Easy and jump over them) in a way that shows how much more than just base-battles (effectively skirmishes with some audio snippets) a campaign can be.

Legacy of the Void is now 15 buckaroos and that’s the only one I don’t have so I’ll probably pick that up if it’s not cheaper during the Black Friday period somewhere.

I still like StarCraft 2. I was always kinda bummed it didn’t catch on competitively like they wanted it to.

The competition is still incredibly exciting for me to watch. Blizzcon’s championship playoffs was really fun to watch a few weeks ago. It’s going to stick around, too, so don’t feel like you can’t watch it just because it’s not as popular as other esports.

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I haven’t watched in a while, but when I tuned in last weekend and saw Scarlett still playing, it made my day. I should pick the game back up, but after so many mobas I’ll probably be even worse than I was like 10 years ago.

i know there were some pretty wide reaching changes to the units in multiplayer recently, does anybody know if there are any good resources for jumping on with the new stuff? i played a little when it came out but i feel like i’d most likely be lost these days

Playing against AI and watching some informative streamers like should be enough to catch you up to what’s what in multiplayer. Ultimately unless you plan to be competitive in diamond league or above, just playing around with whatever should be fun and effective. Serious build orders won’t really help you until you hit the higher leagues.

The “Training” modules under the Versus tab is also pretty good at giving you a basic order of things to do in the game; things like build up to 21 workers, build 2 gas structures, scout the enemy now, etc.


Yeah, no I still tune into to matches on Twitch from time to time. I like game a lot and the original was my first and favorite RTS growing up so I have enough history with the series to keep me interested.

There’s a Cool Teen in my FC on FFXIV that’s pretty good at this game, and he’s pretty enthusiastic about sharing it with everyone, so I’m gonna give it a shot. I was really interested in the world when I was in high school, but it was such a boy’s club that I never got around to learning.

I’m… not sure if I want to go through the campaigns and story though. I’ve read so much Blizzard lore than I’m worried about getting so critical that it makes me a downer. I guess I can also just store that rage up for a nice long Twitter thread, though.

A few casters from the community, feardragon and Maynarde, did a stream today focusing on providing an introductory and educational experience for new players. The video archive is here:

I caught a bit of it, and I think they did a really good job explaining new concepts and units as they come up in the matches. Would be useful as well for someone who might have played Wings of Liberty a long time ago and are now unfamiliar with the changes made to the game since then.

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I got back into SC2 in a big way earlier this year, fell off it again but i still play here and there. I’ve never been good at it though. Maybe going free will bring in enough newbies that I can actually win a game or two online now!

I also recommend everyone try the co-op if you haven’t already. It’s great fun, even with randoms. It’s the reason I got back into it at all.

I thought co-op was only in Legacy of the Void?

It’s a bit of a bummer that they didn’t make LotV free for people who already have the first two parts. Always wanted to give it a shot.

Co-op has been free to play for quite some time now; 3 commanders (Raynor/Artanis/Kerrigan) were totally free to play, while 4 additional commanders required LotV purchase. Additional commanders which were introduced post-launch are USD $5 each. With the recent introduction of the big “free-to-play” update, all commanders bar Raynor/Artanis/Kerrigan are free to play to commander level 5 (maximum 15), while those three are still totally free. The levels unlock upgrades for each commander as you level up; brutal difficulty isn’t recommended for commanders below a certain level, though depending on your skill level/your partner’s skill level, you could probably get away with it. There are 14 different commanders now, and personally I’ve only reached 15 with three commanders.

As of now, the only things that are not free for everyone are:

  1. Heart of the Swam campaign (free for a limited time if you own Wings of Liberty)
  2. Legacy of the Void campaign
  3. Nova Covert Ops campaign
  4. 11 co-op commanders beyond level 5
  5. cosmetics
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StarCraft 2 completely won me over when it came out despite me having completely missed out on the original. I fell off over time in much the same way that most people did, but that didn’t stop it from being a huge influence on a lot of my life. Core to that was watching a ton of Day[9] - whose older videos I would absolutely recommend to those who are looking for some more in-depth tutorials (going from pretty basic stuff like hotkeys and mechanics through to more detailed beginner’s guides).

I might have to go back to it at some point. I really do recommend the campaign if you like RTS games at all - it’s one of the wildest things out there and the missions themselves are varied and interesting throughout. It really doesn’t miss many steps. It’s kind of a shame that the whole thing isn’t part of the free update, but definitely get in on the ground and play Wings of Liberty and see how you feel about that, even if the multiplayer sounds like it won’t be for you.