Stardew Valley is out now for the Nintendo Switch

The title basically says it all.

I really like Stardew Valley but I have a hard time sitting down and just playing games for a long period of time on consoles or my pc. So when I saw that it might be coming to the switch, it was honestly one of my biggest motivations to finally get one a couple months ago. Being able to just play it in bits and pieces wherever I go sounds absolutely perfect. At the time I’d been hoping it was already out. I was bummed when I saw that it was going to be later on in the year.

Well apparently they really like holding onto release dates until super close because they just announced yesterday that Stardew is coming to the switch this Thursday

so uh

that’s exciting as all heck

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What I had read (from a dev tweet, IIRC) is that it was only approved by Nintendo last week, so it’s not that they were holding on to the release date.

Like you, I’m really excited to have this on a platform that’s super easy to pick up, put down, and take with me anywhere.



i’m glad they’re porting it, it’s a lovely game. but i hope that add some new content, i played more than enough of it the first go around.

still, will probably pick it up, because i’ll need my harvest moon fix again eventually.

I’m going to be a gay farmer but, like, portably now.


im so hype to finally be able to stick to this
my pc is great but i just don’t have the attention span to play this kind of game consistently without it being physically on me where ever

Good luck with that. I found it to be too good a game to put down. I’d forget to eat meals and play till 3 in the morning. I wouldn’t even start it if I didn’t have 4 hours of uninterrupted time available.

Wow can’t believe Stardew is going to be GOTY two years in a row. Oh well, that’s just how it worked out. Sorry other games.


Now if only I could find a Switch at the advertised price…

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Just in time for my seasonal depression to kick in! Can’t wait to spend 50+ hours on this, again.


Yo, same but 50+ hours for the first time. I have it on PC, but couldn’t get into it there because I find my PC to be a machine of infinite distraction and not conducive to immersion.

Have you tried calling up your local brick and mortar retailers? Anecdotes and all that, but every Target/Best Buy/Gamestop I’ve been in for the past month has had at least one in stock. Always grey, so I don’t know if that makes a difference.

Also, looking right now, it’s in stock at Amazon.

Might pick this up for the weekend. As silly as it sounds, I wish it had mod support, just for that neato furry character mod that was made awhile ago. It’s a partial fulfillment of my fantasy game, Animal Crossing But With Dating.

I don’t know too much about this game but it looks really interesting! I might have to check it out.

It’s the first version to hit consoles so I think there’s some new stuff? I know that this is the first time it will have multiplayer

the biggest thing i’m pumped for is the multiplayer. my girlfriend and I played a lot of animal crossing when it came out, to the point that she had to get a 3ds too so she didn’t have to wait for me to upgrade her house. I haven’t read much on how the multiplayer is going to work but from what I hear it’s a similar “they have a house on your farm” deal. I’m excited for a game where we can both build something again.

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It’s been on PS4 and XBOne for almost a year.

whyyyy do I think this is the console debut

of course you’re right

maybe I’m thinking or multiplayer debut?

or… nintendo console?

Multiplayer isn’t in yet, I don’t think. Thy said multiplayer would be on PC first. Though since I first played it they added a bachelor and bachelorette (and a divorce mechanic I think), plus the different farm types to choose from, so depending on how long ago you played it there might be new content.

oh okay here we go, from Polygon

Sickhead Games developed the port, which will be published by Chucklefish Games. Features like multiplayer will come to the Switch version of the game before other consoles, as the publisher previously announced; expect the big multiplayer update sometime next year.

I’m just being wrong all over the dang place. Either way, still super looking forward to getting this tomorrow. Might end up downloading it over my phone’s hotspot feature while I’m at work if it’s small enough

edit: Okay it looks like it’s 880 MB, so it it doesnt come out until noonish tomorrow then I might end up doing so

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