'Starfinder' Brings Fan Favorite Fantasy Tabletop RPG to Space

The new game by 'Pathfinder' publisher Paizo takes major inspiration from Star Wars, Guardians of the Galaxy, and 'Saga.'

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I’m glad they’re saying that they are going for a less math heavy game. My friends and I have been looking for a space RPG so this might be a candidate for us.

There’s always a powered by apocalypse sci fi adaptation, here’s one.

The setting seems neat. They’d have to streamline the Pathfinder rules a ton for me to consider playing it, though. D&D 3E / 3.5E / Pathfinder is just way too fiddly.

I have the sneaking suspicion that “a less math heavy game” in this case means mildly streamlined (more like D&D 5E than something like The Sprawl). The fact that it’s still nominally compatible with the Pathfinder Bestiary means it can’t be that different.

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Having skimmed it myself, I can say it’s streamlined sure, but it’s still a crunchy system. Certainly heavier than 5E

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Aha, thank you. I’m always down for a good PbtA game.

I like what I’ve read of the classes but can’t comment on the overall streamlining of the system. I would like something a bit crunchyer than the PBTA games though. I like them but sometimes I want a meatier murder hobo game and Dungeon World ain’t it

I don’t have anything in particular against Paizo/Pathfinder, but if you’re looking for alternative with more crunch than pbta offers, indie rpg Stars without Number:
(pdf is free) is mechanically something of a D&D reskin, if I remember correctly.


I do want to check that out but if I’m not mistaken a 2.0 version of the system is coming out so I’m kinda waiting on that

I won’t try to argue that it was good, but I loved Jupiter Ascending.

Anyway, always great to see more science-fantasy out there!

Got to say after reading the book a bit I’m surprised how kinda weird the setting is (in a good way). Way more Spelljammers than I was expecting.

ETA: Well, not QUITE as weird as Spelljammers, but more toward it than I was expecting.