State of Play - PlayStation announcement stream (March 25th)

Seems like Sony are taking a page out of Nintendo and Microsoft’s books with State of Play: a new series of livesteams for new PlayStation related announcements.

From the official blog post announcement:

Today, we’re introducing a new video program called State of Play, and the first episode kicks off Monday, March 25 at 2:00pm Pacific Time.

State of Play will give you updates and announcements from the world of PlayStation. Our first episode will showcase upcoming PS4 and PS VR software, including new trailers, new game announcements and new gameplay footage.

You can watch live on Twitch, YouTube, Twitter or Facebook worldwide, and we’ll be offering up the VOD edition shortly after the episode airs.

And this is just the beginning! State of Play will return throughout the year with more updates and announcements.

The stream is confirmed to broadcast on the following official channels:

According to some ERA insiders, we won’t get anything too huge here. Hoping for some VR news, Dreams EA release date, and maybe some gameplay for one of the big games releasing this year (whatever those will be).

Worth noting that by “nothing huge” they mainly meant it’s not a big E3 press conference size thing. There will still be game announcements and stuff, just probably nothing the size of a God of War or Last of Us.

Probably still worth keeping expectations low, but it does seem like this’ll focus mainly on smaller games. Which is fine by me cause I don’t really care much for most of Sony’s bigger budget stuff, Dreams aside.

I’m hoping this is the case too. It’d be a real boring video if it’s just the same big three games they’ve been trotting out for a couple of years now. I’d rather see more small stuff, although admittedly anything that isn’t exclusive I’ll probably get on my Switch…

Can I put my speculation hat on for a second?

With Sony skipping out of E3 this year and forgoing a Playstation Experience last year, I’m guessing this could this be the platform they choose to drop a PS5 announcement on in the near future. Not this ‘episode’ of course, but sometime in the months ahead.

I’m guessing for this episode, we may see something for the next PS4 firmware update maybe? Possibly news on the PSN name change feature? Probably some release date updates for some upcoming titles like TLoU Pt. II, Dreams, Man of Medan, etc. Not sure what’s coming out of the PSVR front, but I’m excited that Sony still appears supportive of it.

While I’m surprised by my level of interest in Days Gone after the recent round of previews, and it’s the only one of their Big Four (with TLoU2, Tsushima & Death Stranding) I would expect any info on, I’m more interested in this from a meta level. With Google and Apple entering the fray and Sony and EA pulling out of E3, it feels like we’re on the verge of a fundamental shift of the size we haven’t seen since… probably the introduction of Steam?

The conventional wisdom is that Google and Microsoft are pioneering this new future and Sony will stay the course, but between PS Now and Remote Play, I think that’s underselling how deep Sony already is on this stuff. The question is whether they can improve them or if they’re stuck with their mediocre early-adopter implementations.

I’ve been skeptical of “the death of consoles” for the decade-plus people have been predicting it, but for the first time I get the sense that five years from now, the industry is going to look very, very different. I just have no idea how.

Is it just me, or does this seem a lot like a Nintendo Direct?

As they say… Imitation is the purest form of plagiarism!

That is the saying, right?

I might be mistaken.

What I got from that whole thing was, “cool looking Astronaut game!”, and the sense that they probably didn’t do E3 this year because they just don’t have a lot to talk about.

They might be winding down on a bit on the Ps4 considering they’ll probably announce the next console in the near future.
But yeah this just felt like one of the less highlighted Directs with less personality, but I think I prefer this over a two hour drawn out event with an orchestra n stuff.


Yeah the PS4 era is winding down. And we know pretty much every title that is going to release left at this point. Even the spaceship game, while cool, was already known.

I just want to know more about that VR falconry game.

That looks great.

I enjoyed it as a PSVR owner. I hope that Iron Man game will be good, but it’s looking a bit sketchy. The Concrete Genie trailer was good - the main character and movement options reminds me a lot of InFamous Second Son.

It was a good format, it makes a lot of sense to basically copy the Nintendo Direct model but even more stripped down (no clips of Bill Trinen between games, for example).

Most people thought this was boring, right? It had some PSVR stuff which I could imagine appealing to certain folks but not a lot to dig into.

I’m wouldn’t mind it being boring so much if this wasn’t the first one. You have Nintendo Directs and XBOX with their ID@XBOX (serving a different purpose than State of Play but still) so a template and expectations have been set. I get there isn’t a lot to put out there…but they also didn’t need to put this out there? Hope they do something soon that makes me feel like this is a platform that is moving forward. My main use of my PS4 is a streaming box/blu-ray player and I love it for that. With Switch filling an actual gaming role in my life and Xbox doing something completely different but something I could see fitting into how I consume games, I don’t know where Sony fits in.

I didn’t think it was too exciting, but I actually don’t mind too much for this first one. There were a couple of things that interested me (Everybody’s Golf VR, Observation) though. I am expecting that the next one (or the one that will inevitably happen around E3 time) will be where they pull out their big guns and really lay it on us.