Steam Calculator - share your disappointment

I am an actual criminal for only playing 43% of the games on my account. Bundles are a huge part of this problem. Also Steam must not have started tracking hours until right before Dota 2, because 3,200 of those hours are Dota and my account is 13 years old. What are your stats?

Absolutely do not share any information you don’t want to! Go ahead and cover some shit right up if you wanna.


where do we access this info on our account?

woooops edited post with link

I’m not sure I can do this; it will make me have the world’s worst panic attack.

That’s… startlingly close to your stats :slight_smile:

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I’m fairly at peace with my Steam backlog at this point. I’m a lot better about it than I used to. Usually will only buy stuff if I plan on playing it immediately now. Sales come and go.

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Honestly not as bad as I assumed

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Could be worse

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Last I checked it was at 76% not played, then I farmed all cards in my library, so there you go.

Also my Current v. Sales cost ratio is 0.28. Not too bad, I think. PC gaming sales are wild

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This is fascinating!!!

Interesting how close everyone’s stats are!

I’m pretty okay with this - looked through the list and a lot of the unplayed games were stuff I got in a bundle with something else, or games I got for 5-10 dollars where I tried them for an hour or two and wasn’t feeling it. I usually just refund those now.

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When I saw the current value I was like “pfft, but I’m sure I got them all in sales so it’s fine”. Then I saw the sales calculation.

Still pretty bad.

Gonna be sick.

e: I very clearly have a problem.


No regrets. Similar spot to many of you.

Phew, I was worried it would be worse…

Those 81 unplayed games are mostly betas I never actually participated in and DLCs Steam counts as separate products but don’t actually track hours on their own, so I’m feelin’ okay about this.

Hey not bad!

This is really interesting

This is not nearly as bad as I thought it would be. But weirdly doesn’t seem right? I feel like my unplayed games are much higher. but I guess it is only counting if I launched them or not.