Steam Deck: Valve went and made a Linux handheld gaming system

Yeah, I have zero interest in Valve as a platform holder or hardware manufacturer. In terms of support for those projects, they’re just a notch above Google based on their track record.

They have swallowed so much talent and monopolised a marketplace so they can make a casino and occasionally release some over-designed, under-marketed hardware that gets forgotten about in three years.

Just make games I can actually play, idle thumbs murderers.


If this thing supports Steam remote Play, then I’m double doomed. Anything it doesn’t run, I should be able to stream from my computer. I’m been wanting that on the Switch for ages.

Yep this is the key. The steam controller is still an impressive piece of hardware, the problem was that it can’t replace a controller nor a keyboard and mouse. I love it and for me was a godsend, but is a niche product that required a lot of tinkering and was poorly marketed. However the development that generated around controller configuration, community profiles and controllers support is probably one of the best aspects of Steam now. The steam deck can take a real advantage there with the double trackpads, double sticks and d-pad.

The real weak point is the Steam OS and the windows compatibility that excludes a lot of important games and puts into question the out of the box experience. Without Fortnite, Minecraft and similar games it will lose a lot of market. And if Valve is not happy with the sells this can go the way of the steam controller and become too niche like the other portable PCs.


They have confirmed you can load other operating systems on to it, not sure how well Windows would run but it should be feasible.

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Another person with a 970?! It’s good to know that I’m not alone.

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It’s a workhorse and only started to show its age once graphics card prices started going wild from crypto, so I stuck it out. Don’t ever think we’re going to get that ratio of price to performance ever again.


Eventually Steam stopped eating itself and I was able to reserve one, figured $5 and the ability to cancel at anytime make it safe to get in line. The main Steam Deck page looked like around when I got mine reserved availability was Q2. Honestly I started thinking about how it could run Windows programs and tinkering with that stuff, especially things like NDI, vMix and other video production stuff I do for fun.

Side note per the last few posts: If you’re interested in a new GPU and want to pay MSRP, might I recommend checking the Newegg Shuffle everyday, it’s a raffle basically. I eventually got selected and got a 3080 Ti for no markup at $1200. It’s often bundled with PSU, motherboard or RAM that you can use or turn around and sell (maybe ever at a markup with the tech third-party market what it is). They do the new consoles occasionally too.

Running RDR2 at 4k with ultra settings and getting over 60fps on this 3080 Ti was almost worth $1200.



Yes, I also gave Steam an interest-free loan (although I had some leftover money in my Steam Wallet from a previous gift card and was able to pay with that with no problem) to hold onto my Gabe Gear. I wonder if Gabe is going to use all that interest to pay for a knife-sharpening session.

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He pays for the knife sharpening with all the money he saves by not buying shoes

I didn’t realize it was just five bucks. Might just go sell some old TF2 crates and trading cards. I think I still have some Pyroland cases laying around from like six years ago.

Looks cool, but I’ll wait for reviews.

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I have also given my fiver over to reserve the possibility of buying one one day. Idk. I’m just intrigued enough I guess.

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I reserved one. I mostly play indie games on my Steam account, so I am incredibly interested in having that on a handheld system. I’ll have to ultimately determine its feasibility as that when I get my hands on it.

That said, I’m also interested in the dock, since the other place I mostly play video games is on my living room tv, and I like using my PS4 controller to do so. I don’t know how many people are out there just like me, but I feel like I’m 100-percent the target audience for this thing.


Oh I am the same. There are so many games in my Steam library I would have played by now if they were on my Switch. My first thought was damn, I’m finally gonna play Even the Ocean followed by oh wait I’ll finally try Loop Hero to oh no portable Heat Signature. It may be the best thing that happens to my backlog in years.

edit: holy shit Pyroland cases sell for almost 6 dollars a piece now. What are they doing over in TF2?


My very frank opinion is that I think this is going to flop. None of ValveE’s hardware has been very successful, excepting the success of the Index, which even then is VR, so it’s not exactly household. I’m positive there are good reasons to get one of these, but I think this is just not going to have enough of a pull. ValvE’s primary market is a crowd that is not known for an interest in portable gaming, and the Switch as a competitor has a significant leg up on this market. This is kind of too ahead of its time, ironically.

I’m sure there will be many people who love their Steam Deck, but I think even more people will just not have bought one.


I think even a lot of people who are interested in the spec sheet will be turned off when they try to game with 1.5 pounds of handheld device. The Switch is near the upper limit of what’s comfortable to hold for long periods, and it’s under a pound. I don’t see a lot of PC games having readable text and other UI elements when scaled down to 800p, either. The Switch can get away with 720p because games are being specifically ported to it; is anybody who develops exclusively for PC testing their games at less than 1080p?

The Steam Deck has a pretty decent price/power ratio, but gaming laptops blow it away in terms of ergonomics and general utility.


I’d hope they are: the PC I game on currently is still only equipped with 2 1440x900 monitors, which still work with everything I’ve tried playing.
(But, yes, 800p is about the lowest resolution I’d expect to work, and it does feel like a gamble.)

These two (very similar) resolutions combined are actually the 2nd most common resolution on Steam, so yeah I imagine PC devs are testing for it specifically. (1080p is far and away the most common, then 768p, then 1440p with 8.2%)



Yeah, 1366x768 is a pretty common resolution for laptops so makes sense that it’s common among Steam users.

Honestly, I’m really into the idea of the Steam Deck. There’s plenty of games on PC that I can imagine being fun on a handheld. And I can imagine this doing well enough (as in, not a major success but enough of a success for Valve) just because of how many people ask for Switch ports of Steam games. There is still stuff about the Deck that makes me curious about impressions first and foremost, mainly the button placement which looks like it could be really uncomfortable. But I’m also excited for there being a handheld like this for PC games.


I think the Steam Controller while not my controller of choice definitely found an audience and sold fairly well. The same could be said of the Steam Link which eventually became just software and is now built into various Android devices like TVs. At a certain point with all TV production becoming smart TV production it probably made more sense to focus on distribution deals then actual physical development of a dedicated device.

If I had to guess I think Steam Deck is going to become the sports car equivalent of handheld gaming. This isn’t to say it’s a bad thing I just think it’s geared towards people with a higher level of disposable income who want something a bit higher end than a switch in terms of hardware. It’ll be powerful but the battery won’t be as good and will weigh more however you’re playing BotW on an emulator that makes the game look absolutely gorgeous.