Steam Summer Sale Suggestions or SSSS or S4 (and other sites that are doing the big sale)

Hi the title explains it all!

Recommend some of the games you really liked that are now on sale!

Also please do list the price and even better the link to the store page!

UPDATE: And give a short description of what you’re doing in the game and who its for

For example: You race againts players and if you like flatout2 destruction + the driving of gran turismo youll like this game!

Uplink established.

Welcome, Brigador.

(It’s a Blast Corps.-esque isometric mech shooter and it’s dope as shit)

$15.39 CAD, $19.79 CAD for Deluxe Edition.


Recursed is a puzzle game about rooms in other rooms, and moving rooms into other rooms so that you exit to a different room. It’s… a lot, but somehow, simultaneously terse.

It’s 66% off ($2.71) and is only available on Steam.

“Ride a massive open world across the Alps, where the powder is always fresh and the run never ends.” It’s got skiing, wingsuiting, snowboards, and paragliders, in an open world. What more do you want, really?


CAPSULE is a nice little game about travellng through space or maybe the abyssal depths of the ocean. Somewhere with Not Enough Air at any rate.

Not a game for claustrophobics. Play it in the dark with headphones on if you can.


The Yawhg is on sale for $4, down from $10. Local multiplayer choose-your-own-adventure.


Any neat space games by the way (i know about elite but maybe something thats not an mmo?)

Colin has a great thread of recommendations for smaller/older games that you might have missed. Definitely check that out:

I also figure I should mention that itch has a sale going on too, so you’re not limited to Steam for getting some great deals. And we could all use more reasons to buy from places that aren’t Steam:


I have my eye on Everspace. It’s a well-reviewed space combat roguelike. $10, down from $30.

looking at the featured page alone, anyone into rpgs would enjoy tyranny. that game has a really cool dynamic story as well as a hilariously breakable spell crafting mechanic that was pretty cool. I remember the characters pretty fondly and it won’t take a million years to complete.


HACKNET is a game about hacking computers via a semi-realistic terminal interface. Embroil yourself in a web of drama with a bunch of strangers you only know via the Internet, like Twitter but less depressing.

I did not get super far in this one because it’s too much like my day job, but it comes highly recommended by people whose opinions I respect.

$2.99 (70% off)

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Endless Legend, the best and most beautiful 4X game ever- $7.50

Oxenfree, for anyone who enjoyed Night in the Woods or just likes to see some well-written teen cosmic horror unfold- $5

Hollow Knight, a metroidvania with charm for days- $9.90

Pony Island, a creepy, subversive, and super clever puzzle game about an arcade cabinet corrupted by the devil- $1.64

Mark of the Ninja, the only good stealth game- $3.74


Oh also ofc i gotta recommend Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six® Siege its 19.99 euros, its a super fun FPS game where you have Operators with special abilities and you work with your team towards the objective.
It has strategy, it has desctruction, it has a lot of operators.
If you like competitive shooters this game is for you,
the only con is i guess that dlc ops need a lot of grind, and that it takes a while to learn the maps.


Oh and please please play Life Is Strange, its such a good game and all of the episodes are 4.99 euros!
No spoils! But its a story driven game!!

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I did not finish HACKNET but I put a bunch of hours into it and enjoyed it. Would ditto the recommendation.

Oh, even better, CAPSULE is available on Itch for name your own price.

Well, first listen to @Spacedrake. Steep (or StEEP as my phone auto corrects it to) is incredible and you should play it!

Then consider Sherlock Holmes: Crimes and Punishments the best detective game you will ever play. Put away LA Niore! Give Frogwares some love!

Then, listen to @Emily and head to and consider the following:

Edit: added short descriptions as OP directs!


Invisible Inc. is the best turn-based isometric stealth tactics game out there, and not just because it’s the only one.

$4.99 or $5.99 with the Contingency Plan DLC (75% off)


Prey and DOOM are both $15 and are both fantastic. If you have any interest in their respective genres you should pick them up.

There is a $32 bundle of the complete first season of Hitman, Blood Money and Absolution. Hitman alone is totally worth the price and Blood Money is a nice bonus (Blood Money is just $2.50 by itself, which is a great choice if you have already played Hitman 2016 or if the $30 is a bit pricier than what you are looking for in a sale).

Gamebillet currently has DOOM for $10

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Stephen’s Sausage Roll is 80% off at $5.99. The most mind-bending sausage-grilling Sokoban-like in the world.

Swarmlake is 49 cents. That’s only half off, but it’s cheaper than a can of soda. The developer of Refunct (one buck right now) applied his game-feel skill to making Devil Daggers but joyous instead of terrifying.

Monolith (also on itch but not on sale) is $4, half off. A take on the Binding of Isaac roguelike shooter formula that looks good and feels great.

Speaking of shooters, WE ARE DOOMED is the best score-chasing twin-stick on Steam, and it’s $1 right now, 90% off.

Rakuen is $5, half off. A sweet and totally earnest fantasy adventure that will bring you to tears if you let it.

The Deadly Tower of Monsters is $3, 80% off. The Zeno Clash/Rock of Ages developers made a loving, hilarious parody of sci-fi B-movies. It’s not an amazing action game, but it’s full of good jokes and sight gags, and the ending is something you need to see for yourself.

Linelight at $5 and 50% off is a slick puzzler that’s great at making you feel clever.

Open Sorcery for $1.35 is a Twine text adventure and the only fantasy hacking game.

Hadean Lands at $9 is just 25% off, but it’s a sprawling, genius thing. You should buy it on itch instead, where it’s just $6. It’s a puzzle text adventure (command-parser-style) where you use a robust system of alchemy to repair a magic starship.

OneShot for $6 is a lightly puzzly, very cute game about guiding a poor child who is not a cat to hopefully save a dying world.