Steam Summer Sale Suggestions or SSSS or S4 (and other sites that are doing the big sale)


Shadowrun Returns Deluxe is currently free on the Humble Store

It’s an isometric turn based rpg in a cyberpunk plus fantasy world for those not familiar. Not as strong as the follow ups Dragonfall and Hong Kong, but free is free.


AudioSurf is currently up for $2.49 and is one of my favorite chill-out games. It’s a rhythm/racing game where you collect blocks and dodge obstacles in time with the beat and rhythm of whatever song you load in. It’s really stellar if you enjoy rhythm and runner games, and the amount of content is basically however large your music collection is!

Race the Sun is on sale for $1.99; it’s a really beautifully minimalistic endless runner with some fun dark humor and a great aesthetic for its gameplay. Why no one ever thought to make an endless runner about the futility of existence (but in an entertaining way, promise) before Flippfly, I’ll never know.

Beat Hazard is on sale for $3.00 and is another game where you load in a song and it generates its gameplay around it, except with this one it’s basically a souped-up version of Asteroids.

Also, it’s already been said, but my one true love Hollow Knight is up for $9.89, which means it’s even more of a steal than it is for $15.00 normally.


Syndicate and Titanfall 2 are both on sale through Origin for $5 a piece


That Slay The Spire game you might have heard of is a third off and probably as cheap as it’ll be in early access!!


Caves of Qud is $9 (10% off). It’s a roguelike for people who wish roguelikes were more like Dwarf Fortress. Alternatively: it’s a procedural culture/history/lore generator wrapped up in a bunch of fiddly game mechanics.

Spintires: Mudrunner $18 (40% off). It’s a Russian logging truck truck sim. It has the most beautiful mud rendering I’ve ever seen, and the most realistic offroading physics I’ve ever played. The appeal is similar to Euro Truck and other “sims”: it’s a nice, chill game to play while just listening to podcasts. But instead of cursing along ugly concrete interstates you get to explore beautiful forests, mountains, and swamps.

Ultimate Chicken Horse $7.50 (50% off). It’s a multiplayer platformer where you’re collaboratively building the level with your friends. Basically: competitive Mario Maker.

Infinifactory $12.50 (50% off). You’ve been abducted by aliens who want you to build factories out of various blocks. If you’ve never played a Zachtronics puzzle game, this is probably the best one to start with. If you’ve ever had fun building simple redstone/piston machines in Minecraft, this is basically a puzzle game version of that.

Downwell is just $1.50 (50% off)! On its surface, it looks like a really simple roguelike infinite runner falling game. You’re falling down a well, and you have gunboots that shoot bullets. The boots have limited ammo, but the ammo refills when you bounce on an enemy or land on solid ground. These two simple mechanics, combined with a combo system, shops, and various items make the game really special. I think Chris Remo called it something like a “minimalist version of Spelunky”. If you like games like Spelunky, Binding Of Isaac, etc. you need to play Downwell.

Slime-San is $9 (40% off). It’s a high-energy 2D platformer about a slime that gets eaten by a giant worm and. It plays similar to Super Meat Boy or VVVVVV, although the time-slow mechanic makes the levels a bit more forgiving. If you finished Celeste and are looking for more 2D platforming, give it a shot. (Full disclosure: I’m a friend of the devs, and have worked with one of the composers).

Super Slime Arena is $12 (20% off), and also on itch for the same price. It’s a multiplayer party fighting game where every character has 1 attack, and you switch to a new character every time you get hit. (Full disclosure: I’m one of the devs of this game).


Awesome deal on Battletech (while it lasts)


sadly didnt catch it in time


Also looking for some fun games that have multiplayer in em that i can play with other waypoint folks


Even though it’s not their best work, I loved Tyranny. Old school CRPG’s are my jam, and this does interesting things with the genre. It allows you to craft the backstory leading up to the events of the game (and your choices actually affect your experience going forward), the characters are all compelling, and the choices you are forced to make aren’t the usual RPG binary “kick the puppy/pet the puppy” type. They make you choose between ugly options, where it’s hard to know what’s right. If you enjoy the genre at all, you should check it out!


Oh: Dungeon of the Endless is $3! It’s so great. (The whole “Endless” collection is on sale, for that matter… I haven’t played all of them, but really dug Endless Legend.)

I’ll echo the recommendations for Mark of the Ninja!


Thimbleweed Park™ from the great minds who brought you Maniac Mansion and Monkey Island™, is 40% off.


Or you can just pay one month Origin access and get both.


Jet Set Radio is at a very low price of 1.20€ which it is totally worth. It’s a very frustrating game at times today, but still very cool. Cel-shaded, graffiti, skating, rebellious fun.

Deus Ex, one of the greatest games ever made is 0.97€! If you like immersive sims you already probably played it, and if you haven’t, what are you doing!

Commandos 2 can be yours for a slim 0.74€. Fantastic strategy game that will require a lot of patience from you. Wonderful environments, fun and varied maps. Important to note, there is a good chance it won’t run on your computer.

Mini Metro, the very chill subway puzzle game, is at 5€. Wonderful music with bleeps and bloops from the trains picking up passengers will keep you in a good mood.


Is Syndicate on Origin Access now? It wasn’t when I was a subscriber


Ladykiller in a Bind (aka My Twin Brother Made Me Crossdress as Him and Now I Have to Deal with a Geeky Stalker and a Domme Beauty Who Want Me in a Bind!!) is real good. It’s a funny, sexy, and very queer visual novel with a really cool risk-reward mechanic that was one of my favorite games of 2016. If you’ve liked Christine Love’s other works (Digital: A Love Story, Analogue: A Hate Story, Hate Plus), I absolutely recommend it. If you’re a newbie to Love Conquers All, still check it out.


Doesn’t that mean they’ll both go away after a month?


Oops, I don’t know why I suggested that Syndicate was on Access. No, it’s not, sorry.

Well yes, but I rarely play games for that long anyway.


Neon Struct is like a minimalist Deus Ex without any guns. It’s real fun and under 2 dollars on now.


Rain World is on sale for $10!

Rain world is a sidescrolling metroidvania-ish immersive sim in which you are a Slugcat and must explore a highly simulated and dangerous post-post-collapse ecosystem where you’re pretty low on the food-chain. Every 10 minutes or so a bone-breaking rain begins to fall and you have to drop everything, make a break for the nearest shelter, and use the food you’ve gathered to hibernate until the next dry season. It is incredibly atmospheric and beautiful and occasionally scary and I love it.

This game is for you if you like systemic games, weird creatures, the mysterious atmosphere of games like Dark Souls or Super Metroid, and don’t mind a bit of intensity and challenge. It will take some patience and effort on your part to begin speaking its language as it is quite unique, but it is soooo rewarding once you get into it.


Oh if you like uhh rouglikes?
I guess its a rouglike , get Risk Of Rain it has different heroes who have different abilities, Its got online multiplayer, its go bosses, its got neat pixel art and old game feel like its snappy, and it has an amazing soundtrack