Steam Summer Sale Suggestions or SSSS or S4 (and other sites that are doing the big sale)


Gone Home ($5) and Tacoma ($9) (which is very good despite the subdued response compared to its predecessor) are both on sale on itch! They’re the same price on Steam if you simply must.

Firewatch is also 5 bucks on Steam.


I’m not a survival games fan, but I have to recommend The Forest. It’s a pretty basic setup: you are a father whose son is taken by cannibals when your flight crashes on an island. However, unlike most survival games, it has a pretty distinct and rewarding quest line, a bespoke island with a huge cave system (read: NOT randomly-generated), and above all, the AI is phenomenal. The locals don’t just attack on-sight. You might be rummaging through suitcases and look up and there’s just a naked dude covered in blood, standing directly in front of you, staring at you. Then…he’ll just run off. Where’d he go? What’s happening?

You might move on and twenty minutes later, see another pair of cannibals. One of them yells. Three more cannibals show up, about 10 yards from you. They all stand there…and then one charges at you and veers away, growling, just as she approaches. The others take a few steps forward. They keep walking. Then suddenly, they are all charging, and you’re running the fuck AWAY. and this is to say nothing of the dark, dark nights.

The tension the AI builds with its pack behavior is unpredictable, threatening, and thrilling, superseding any jump scares in any game I’ve ever played. Best of all, it has full co-op! There’s base building and shit, but you don’t really need to get deep on it if fences and stuff aren’t your thing - though you can build fully customizable structures on the ground and in the trees if you like. Again, I’m not big on survival games, but this one absolutely does it for me. Check it out!


Dragon’s Dogma going for $10 right now. An open world rpg with meaty combat, chatty NPCs, terrifying nights and monster climbing action. See what Austin is always gushing about


Thea: The Awakening - 9.99 EUR
It is really difficult to describe this game. You control a village in a world heavily inspired by Slavic mythology (and some others thrown in too) and it looks like a 4x game, except you can’t build new villages. Instead, you send out expeditions from your village to either harvest materials, complete quests, or beat up monsters. The most unusual thing about the game is that all combat and some conflicts are resolved via a card game that plays like a game based entirely around “the stack” in magic: the gathering, kind of? On top of that, you have scripted and random encounters and story events where some options will be locked off depending on the stats of your villagers.
It also has the best crafting system I have seen in a game, where instead of needing X and Y to make Z, you instead need certain material types and depending on what material type, the outcome will be different.
For example, to create an axe, lets say you need 1 stone OR 1 metal, 1 wood OR 1 precious stone, and 1 wood OR 1 coal.
If i choose Iron, Wood, Wood then I get a simple axe. If I choose Obsidian, Wood, Wood, then I get a special type of axe. If i choose Iron, Amethyst, Wood, then I get an iron axe with magical properties. If I choose Emerald instead of Amethyst, the magical properties will be different. This is so good because it allows you to experiment and it is fun discovering what different combinations will bring. Also, there are 2 or 3 tiers of cooking, which follows the same system.
It can be hard to get into at first, but the difficulty is 100% customizable so if it gets too hard you can adjust to your liking and still have a good time.
Recommended for anyone who likes mythology, not so serious fantasy settings, eclectic mechanics, cooking, and numbers.

Grow Home - 1.99 EUR
You play a little robot on a small planet and your job is to make giant plants grow towards your spaceship. Its cute, its relaxing, its fun, and you get to make your world grow any way you want it to.
Recommended for anyone who likes non-violent games, cute robots, wonky physics, and suggestive plants.

The Marvellous Miss Take - 4.49 EUR
You play as Miss Take who has had her family’s art collection taken from her and now its time to steal it back! A colourfulm and cheery stealth game that looks much easier than it is. The big thing here is that suard’s paths are randomized so you can’t memorize patterns and need to rely on quick thinking, planning, and luck. Levels are reused for your two companions, who each have different abilities, goals, and changes to the levels. There are no guard take downs or anything like that, so you get caught, thats it!
Recommended for anyone who likes games without guns or violence, style, and challenging stealth.

Banner Saga - 9.99 EUR or 8.96 with the soundtrack
This series is a mix of turn based combat, choose your own adventure storytelling, and resource management. The art is amazing, the soundtrack and story is great, and the game innovates a bit on common videogame elements. Most notably that in the tactical battles, your character’s strength (damage) is equal to their health. Combine this with an armour system that reduces damage and the ability to target either a characters armor or health, combat becomes much more about damage mitigation than ganging up on one character and then moving to the next.
Other things it does is make you choose between buying powerful items, leveling up your characters, or keeping your caravan well fed and happy. This is a game where you most likely will see a bunch of exceptionally strong items pass you by. The sequel is even better and the third and final game in the trilogy should be out within the year, if i recall correctly.
Recommended for anyone that likes turn based tactics, narrative heavy games, game of thrones (theres similarities in certain story elements), and norse mythology.


Cosmic DJ is a really chill game about making music that anyone can get into. Plus once you are done making your song you get about a minute to quickly make the album art then it spits out an MP3 for you so you can upload it to someplace like SoundCloud to share with your friends.

75 cents on Steam and $2 on the Apple Store.


So this tweet explains this bundle better than I could

(link to bundle)


Banner Saga 1&2 are also free if you have a Twitch Prime/Amazon Prime account, FYI :slight_smile:

I’m going to echo this recommendation, mainly because I came here to make it ^^ I don’t understand why this game isn’t better-known. Mechanically it’s nothing new, but the vibe is really great. You can feel the devs’ love for old-school low-budget sci-fi, and it’s fun as hell.

I just finished Refunct and had a nice time with it, but it’s sadly quite short and left me wanting more. Anyone have any nice relaxing puzzle-platformers to recommend? I like the idea of taking my time and just figuring out how to get to the goal. Steam is suggesting Meanders. Has anyone tried it?


Ronin is a very cool turn based action platformer where time stops whenever you’re on the ground and you plan your jumps to avoid enemy fire and get close enough to get the bad guys with your katana. My main disappointment was that I wished there was more (both in mechanics and game length), but it’s very easy to recommend for the current price of $3.24.


King Of Dragon Pass is for sale for literally the price of a fancy coffee and you should play it.


I just picked up Anodyne, Even the Ocean, Devil Daggers and Jet Set Radio for $16 CAD, which I’m pretty happy about. Devil Daggers and JSR are only a couple bucks each right now FYI.


Anyone have any co-op puzzle game recommendations that are not Trine or Portal 2?


The Cave is a decent game, the biggest issue with it is that it requires multiple play throughs to see it all and the majority of the puzzles don’t change at all. It’s currently $3 U.S. on the sale.


The Lara Croft games (Guardian of Light and Temple of Osiris) have quite a bit of puzzle solving to them in addition to the run 'n gun stuff. Ibb & Obb is supposedly great, though it isn’t something I can personally vouch for.


So I’ve been playing around with CrossCode and I have to say it’s a pretty fantastic throwback to the 16-bit ARPG Golden Age with some fun puzzle-solving bits. The combat is fast-paced and gets intense and complex in interesting ways, there’s a fun skill tree, the graphics and music are just lovely, and the story seems intriguing thus far. Still in early access but expected to hit 1.0 by the end of this summer (it’s been around since 2015). Only 15% off in the sale, but still…for 16 bucks this feels like a steal to me.

There’s also a demo if you want to see if it might be up your alley.

By the by, this Steam sale I also ended up purchasing and loving a lot of discounted Wadjet Eye stuff (I’m on the third Blackwell game and it’s neat to see how much they improve with each entry) so I’m wondering if anyone has any recommendations of other newer pixel-y adventure games, which are giving me major nostalgia chills. (I also own Thimbleweed Park and plan to play it once I work through the Wadjet Eye catalog.)


Humble is having a DRM free sale right now

Highly recommend Steam World Dig and MONACO both at $3.


So mention of a SteamWorld game (SWD2 & SWH have previously been given with Prime) has reminded me that it’s not exactly a sale but

If you’re a Prime user then this month’s game access is a pretty big list and some of it might be stuff people are planning to grab on Steam etc in this sale. I know I took a couple of things off my wishlist when I saw them here.

Some really nice games appearing on there which have been covered extensively at Waypoint. The complete version of Pillars of Eternity is a lot of game (and possibly saves can transfer over for people who didn’t buy the expansion before), and Tyranny is definitely worth looking at. Tacoma and Observer also there if you’ve not already grabbed them.


A few last minute sub-$5 recommendations:

Defense Grid and Defense Grid 2 - Some of the best tower defense games out there, with a lot of polish and tons of challenge modes to replay.

Hexcells/SquareCells/CrossCells - Very chill, well-designed logic puzzle games that play sort of like Sudoku meets Minesweeper.

Spelunky - You already know what it is, it’s 3 bucks, get this game.

Grow Home/Grow Up - Ubisoft Reflections’ charming physics-based exploration platformers. I love the sense of verticality in these games.

Heavy Bullets - A low-fi FPS rogue-ish game where you start with just a few bullets and have to retrieve them after each shot.

AI War: Fleet Command - An RTS where you face off against an adaptive AI with thousands of units. It can be a bit obtuse to get into, but it’s a really unique and dense game.


Just want to point out that unfortunately you can’t play any of these games on Mac through the Twitch app because there’s simply no “Games” tab on the Twitch desktop app for Mac. So even though arguably the biggest titles available through this promotion - Pillars, Tyranny, Tacoma - are all on Mac via Steam, you won’t be able to download Mac versions of these games through the Twitch Prime thing. Which is a big bummer! You can claim them, so no reason not to do that, but if you’re a Mac user like me, prepare to be disappointed!!


I am trying to figure out where I saw this earlier today (thought it was a Wario64 tweet thread but I can’t find it; maybe it was even on here), but it sounded like the devs get paid for each claimed offer. So if you’re a Twitch Prime person on a Mac (like I was until a month ago) but like the sound of money going from Amazon to developers, claim 'em all.


I really enjoyed watching truck simulator gameplay and I was in luck since 2 of my favorite truck simulators that is Euro truck 2 and American Truck simulator are on sale.

Link below