Steam Summer Sale Suggestions or SSSS or S4 (and other sites that are doing the big sale)


A Hexcells derivative called Tametsi is less than a dollar in the sale, so I picked it up. I’m just on level 20 out of >100, but so far it seems like a cool and much more challenging iteration on the formula, even though it’s not nearly as polished. One big thing that I’m going to miss when I play any other similar game is the drawing mode: at any point I can just click a button and start free-form drawing on top of the puzzle. Hugely useful for following extended logic chains.


These are legit some of the best co-op games I’ve EVER played. ABSOLUTELY play these games


god I love ETS2. It’s the most relaxing game I’ve ever played. Just put on some Belgian pop radio or whatever and drive, look at the windmills, and relax.


Y’all this game somehow got overlooked when it came out but it is a pretty awesome short arcade car game.

The best way to describe it is someone really liked THPS, Crazy Taxi, and Rocket League so they made a game about delivering tacos in the apocalypse that used elements of all three. Everything about the game feels like it was an unreleased title for the Dreamcast from the aesthetic to the very floaty physics, soundtrack and local 4 player. It’s also only $2 right now.


Hacknet is free right now:


could a mod lock this until the next summer sale?


Perhaps there should be a thread for game sales in general, not just on Steam? Or maybe there is and I’m just not remembering.