'SteamWorld Dig 2' Is This Year's Most Satisfying Hole Digging Simulator

This is also a formal apology for dismissing the original 'SteamWorld Dig.'

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The only reason I played the original SteamWorld Dig was because it was a part of a cheap Humble Bundle. Just decided to give it a chance and got hooked.

If it weren’t for that, I might not have given this new game a chance.

Kind of laughing at Patrick assuming anyone was butthurt about his dismissal of Steamworld Dig enough to require an apology.

But yeah I found the first game to be the perfect thing to do while listening to a podcast or something to engage my grey matter going on in the background. Very relaxing and a good “self care” game that’s just pleasant to be in.

It gets at the tool acquisition and improvement loop that’s one half of the Metroidvania formula (and something I think just taps into the stone age human mind - the drive to build and improve tools) while doing away with the visuo-spatial memorisation of a contiguous world that forms the other half. Resultantly you get the moreish satisfaction with less of the more cerebral challenge. Sometimes I want games that don’t demand the entirety of my attention, and that’s totally what the original Dig was.

Steamworld Dig 2 seems really good so far and the original was very good as well. That said I’m mostly here to tell everyone to play Steamworld Heist.

It is extremely good, it’s basically a casual-ish 2D X-Com where you manually aim all your shots and do crazy ricochet trick shots.

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The original Dig was my sole experiment in dabbling with the 3DS marketplace and it was actually pretty fun on this platform. I totally missed that the franchise has blown up since!

To anyone who has played a lot of this game, how far into it do I need to get before I have to stop having to deal with those creepy massive bugs which dig their way out of the rock like entombed eggs?

I have a fear of beetles and bugs and for the first few hourrs of this game I haven’t been able to play for more than about 20 minutes at a a time before the bug enemies start to make me feel sick. Just wondering if there’s going to be a significant change in the enemies soon to make it worth sticking with the game.

Hmm. I’d say its about the first three-ish hours of the game but you do go back to that area later

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Thanks. I’ll stick with it then. Maybe it will just go along with Fire Emblem Heroes as my short-session game while I’m in these sections. I enjoyed the brief moment I had in the blue water-filled cave from an art perspective. Hopeing for more of that.

I haven’t tried Steam World Dig 1 or two but Hiest is a whole lot of fun for those turn based strat fans out there. Really want to challenge yourself in Hiest? Try getting all the hats. Love that shooting a hat off an enemy’s head is something you can opt to do.

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