Stellaris Discussion: The Worm Loves You


The place for things related to our favorite* space game, Stellaris. What are you playing, who are you fighting, which xenos are the most delicious?

*If Stellaris isn’t your favorite space game, orbital mind control lasers will be deployed to your planet shortly.

Stellaris Streaming AKA Striven Solar Strategy

I’m playing a game currently where I’m stuck between a militant isolationist fallen empire and a hostile, giant hive mind. My only ally is a religious cult that constantly builds near fallen empire territory, sparking devastating wars that inevitably cripple my fleets

My fears are if I break ties, the hive mind will strike. The empire at least leaves my territorial boundaries intact.

The Hive Mind also has extremely strong allies, so engaging in direct conflict is a intimidating proposition. I could hold my own 1v1, but it would end up 1v3


The last few games, I’ve been trying to not be aggressive and make a federation but usually it ends up with a few other nations conquer their neighbors and become massive and won’t join my federation.

The only way I’ve ‘won’ is by conquering and vassalizing the galaxy which bums me out.


My first game since the new DLC was as a parliamentary democracy of diplomatic/expansionist space frogs. The Vheem attained a healthy technological and military lead over most of their neighbours without much warmongering, but stalled out after getting humiliated by a xenophobic Fallen Empire and getting into an ill-advised war with the authoritarian reptiles next door.

(Also I got discouraged after finding out that the federation mechanics didn’t get any love in this patch.)

What does everyone think of the changes to internal politics? Maybe I’m spoiled by CKII, but I still don’t really feel like internal threats are serious enough yet.


It took me a while to find a time when it matters, but I found it. A xenophobic militarist citizen stratocracy, and conquered a few planets from a neighboring xenophobe militarist when he war declared on me. Both planets I took instantly shot up to 100 unrest and terrorists started bombing my buildings, and because none of my primary species were on the planet I couldn’t raise armies to stop them. Even my insane slaver empires have never had problems though. Factions can make things aggravating if you piss them off though, which I think is a big step in the right direction.


I’ve been playing this sssssooooo much recently. Good to hold the bubs on the lap and click away. I’ve got about …30ish custom empires. When I get home I’ll upload my custom empires into a pastebin or something. Currently playing through the xenophobe/pacifist, agrarian idyll, inner perfection style game and man I had 3 or 4 traditions filled out before getting to battleships.

I hope Paradox focuses on making combat more interesting, planetside and in space cause right now it’s battle of the doomstacks, like instead of a general ship cap, have a max fleet size within that cap, or allow for more compositional variance within a fleet, 1 battleship per 4 other ships etc, cause right now it’s gigacannons, max range, and torpedo corvettes.


I love Stellaris, but I have habit of just playing the first couple of hours over and over again, giving up and starting over whenever I get stuck (happens a lot). My most “successful” empire was a species of pacifistic xenophilic space cats, who avoided the same grim fates as my previous empires by careful planning, some friends in the right places, and sheer dumb luck. They managed to get in on good terms with an ancient precursor race, who are now trying to impose peace by force (yeah okay buddy) on pretty much everyone in the galaxy except us. It’s the kind of situation that could go pear shaped very VERY easily, but for now at least my space cats are sitting pretty.


How to cut/paste other people’s species into your game.

In a file explorer navigate to C:\Users\User\Documents\Paradox Interactive\Stellaris and open “user_empire_designs.txt”, paste the contents of the pastebin docs below into this text file and unlock the power of shitty fan fiction.



My favourite thing in Stellaris has been to pick a race from a work of fiction and play as them. Me and my brother played as the Space Pirates from the Metroid series. Then I had a run as the Apostaloseans from Friends at the Table’s Counter/WEIGHT.

I need to find a new more peaceful race to play.


I’ve made up the following races from different fictions and really enjoy just making the different species and seeing how they interact with each other…
Destiny - Hive, Cabal, Fallen
Bas-Lag - Anophelii, Cactacae, Garuda, Grindylow, Khepri
Halo - Lekgolo (Hunters), Sangheili (Elites)
Mass Effect - Batarians, Turians, Hanar, Salarians, Elcor…


Internal and external politics is the area I am most hoping they address in the next patches/DLC. As you say, CKII might have spoiled me as well, but the variety of events and massive things that can happen as a result of them is what Stellaris is missing. My personal hope would be that your leaders be given more personality and their own wants/needs. If you have the choice of picking a Governer of a planet who is great in one aspect but has different ethics that you would like, and that results in some kind of events, that would be amazing.

The worst factions ever got in my game was when I last turned all of my pops into robots. Right after that happened 3-4 more popped up giving me about 7-8 total. At that point my population was so high that these new factions could not seem to attract people, and I was able to use techs to keep people from shifting opinion to them, so they were not a threat at all.


I love stellaris but I am absolutely terrible fate the early game rush and just don’t know what to do next and eventually burn out on each game. One day I’ll finish a game.

Anyone have any good recent let’s plays or guides based on the most recent 1.5 patch?


Ssssaame. Around the time the game starts branching into Sectors, my attention has most often strayed to starting a new save file and/or designing a new species. I just… wanna… get better at the mid-game and actually see the late game.


Like most Paradox games sometimes I get sick of the waiting. Especially early in the game where
you don’t have much of an empire to tinker with.


Yeah for sure. I don’t think I’ve ever actually seen any of the “Endgame Crises” because I don’t think I’ve ever gotten that far (maybe what’s going on with the precursor empire in my cat save file is one of those? i honestly couldn’t tell you). I’ve been trying to be more persistent with my most recent empires but… the early game is definitely where I have the most fun.
Speaking of sectors, I’ve never really gotten the hang of them. The idea seems good on paper, but there’s a part of me that always just does want to micromanage all of these planets, even though that becomes unfeasible pretty quickly as your empire grows. Plus it’s really hard to make them efficient unless you plan and grow your empire out in a straight line with no gaps in your borders. I’ve had my neighbours mess up my nice neat sectors by wedging themselves in the middle before I could stop them. This probably doesn’t bother anyone else as much as it does me, but it’s one of the mechanics I quietly grumble about whenever it comes up.


I really, really have no idea what to do with my ship designs.


I’m getting close to the late game in my current run, and the newest writing they’ve added in Utopia is really great. I’ve had a few chance encounters and gone down a few situation paths that really #makeuthink and make me feel like this galaxy is actually as big and varied as it appears.


Are you just figuring out how to build individual ships? Or fleet composition in general?


Just comp in general. I have a couple of designs I reuse, but it’s hard to tell what’s better than what when there’s multiple lines in each tree of weapon. Like, should I be using disruptors for shields or kinetic weapons? Are plasma throwers better than lasers for armour? Etc.


Plasma Throwers and Kinetics are still king of weapon types. Disruptors I almost never use. They’re the best at removing shields, but they’re useless afterward. Autocannons are almost as good as disruptors at removing shields, and do damage to armor as well. The basics of ship design are:

Corvettes: Torpedoes.
Destroyers: Point Defense? (I don’t use many destroyers).
Cruisers: Plasma Throwers.
Battleships: Giga Cannon and Kinetics.

Confusingly, all of this can change based on who and what you’re fighting. Unbidden, for example, get destroyed by Arc Emitter Battleships and Neutron Torpedo Corvettes. If you like, I can screenshot some stuff from one of my endgame species.