Stellaris Streaming AKA Striven Solar Strategy

So, Austin mentioned at the end of the stream today that there’s no thread to go along with the Stellaris streams Danielle, Rob, and he have been doing for the past few months so I thought I’d throw one up.

You already know what it is: emancipating the galaxy, one slaving despot at a time (and, wow, are there ever a lot of them).

As Austin said, chime in about what you think our favorite nascent Federation’s next move should be! Tell us about your favorite diplomatic parries, strategic doctrines, tactical ripostes, and so on. Or even just your favorite old war speech transposed onto the larger battlefield: the galaxy.


Michael Bird Jordan is really playing hard to get.


I’m not all the way caught up yet, but one of things I’ve realized with the XCOM stream but especially this Stellaris series has been how much I enjoy single player strategy games being played by multiple people making decisions. This is especially fun with this stream because Austin, Danielle, and Rob all have similar but slightly deviating agendas for strategic and roleplaying descisions. Things like trying to sneak in non military upgrades while Rob is momentarily away and Austin sneakily trying to push for robots at all times has been great.

Also, Danielle deserves an Emmy or something for her voice acting.


I’ve been enjoying the Stellaris streams immensely, enough that I gave in and sunk over 30 hours into my own game. I appreciate the stream as a chill one, being able to sit back and work on things while enjoying it like a podcast with some extra, it provides something different than their usual streams and I hope the game, or similar games stick around on their schedule.
I think their game has been an interesting one, from encountering hostile mineral bugs to meeting slaver after slaver, and being invigorated with a liberation mindset.

They’re in a good position, and still early (but both Austin and Rob has way more experience with the game than me) Although I don’t know how the Federation is going to go, it hasn’t gone well for me! My federation buddies started wars willy nilly and were terrible about backing me up with the very high powered federation fleet we had.

spoilers for an end game event I encountered:

Late in the game after forming a 3 empire federation and losing a war against authoritarian space fungi by attrition (which I fought and lost all by myself, thanks Galactic Federation of Equality) an ancient race called The Unbidden spawned within my borders, close to my largest space station, and started laying waste with 50-100k fleets. I fought them off a little bit, I was weakened from fighting the previous war, but I could band together federation fleets with decent numbers while I rebuilt …until the leadership changed over to one of the other factions in the federation and they retreated our best fleet. My scientific foxes are in dire straits, and I still don’t know how it will turn out in the end, but it’s made me lose faith in the AI in this game, and I probably won’t form a federation again in the future.

I hope Michael Bird Jordan comes around, I hope both Reyubb and Ztrakpor get theirs, I don’t think either of them are much of a match right now and it’ll be good to take them out as soon as possible.
I’m all for peace, Danielle, but these factions are slavers and they deserve what’s coming for them.

Let the galaxy be free!


First off, this stream is my life, thanks for doing these. I love Stellaris and have played dozens of hours of it, but I can’t get into the roleplaying nature of it when I’m playing by myself, so it’s nice to be able to see a game I love approached from a different perspective. And having Rob and Danielle act as Austin’s shoulder Devil/Angel on issues of governance is brilliant and has played out really well thus far.

That out of the way, my main piece of advice going into the next set of episodes is you SHOULD change your war policy to allow wars of aggression, even if it seems against the spirit of the Striven being this great force for liberation. Reasons:

A. it’s only temporary. You can switch every 10 years and use that time to achieve different goals within each window.

  1. You guys desperately need to control some of Ryubb’s northern systems, including that nebula which would be an incredible chokepoint to hold for a future liberation war.

d. If you’re feeling really generous, you could use your war of aggression time to take back some of the systems that the Ztrakpor took from Khessam during that liberation war and then simply gift them back to Khessam in a trade. This might make Khessam stronger for when you eventually want to offer them a seat in the Fed.

War of aggression might have kind of a sinister ring to it, but if you’re not using your aggressive wars to annihilate and/or subjugate your shitty neighbors, and instead just using it to row over property lines, I don’t see that flying too much in the face of the values of the Striven.


I’ve been really curious about Stellaris for a while and was really excited when y’all started streaming it. I don’t have a PC capable of running it, but thanks to the Geforce Now beta and the current Humble sale I can now finally give Stellaris a try!

I agree with the poster above, you should at least take some time with wars of aggression. Perhaps build up the federation a bit first, and then lead them into war against the slavers! Either way, it seems like the Striven need to break out before they are smothered.

Thanks for the awesome stream, love the site, streams, videos, and podcast.


I’m really curious how long they stick with the federation plan once the AI decides slavery isn’t worth going to war over. It’s even more likely to happen if they add the Michael Bird Jordans to the federation since they want claims wars and the llamas want ideology wars but federation war declaration has to be unanimous.

This is a serious question, because all I know about this game, I learned from watching these streams: Can they invite those mercenaries into the Federation? They seem like they have a pretty good fleet (even if they don’t use it to its full extent).

I am pretty sure they can’t given the mechanical function they serve. I think I’ve tried this before. But it would be tight if they could.

I’m sure the option isn’t even there, when you contact them your only option is to pay them to raid someone I think. It’d be better if the Striven SE grew to such a degree that their fleets could take em on though :wink:


You should think of building some trading focused stations, that way you won’t have to be spending influence on capacity overloads, and will have more credits to support a larger fleet.


It’s theoretically possible later in the game if a very specific set of circumstances happen but for most purposes it’s not possible, and doing so would likely require beating them in a war first anyway.

It’s also worth noting that the easiest way to support a bigger fleet on their own is to specialize their starbases more than they have been. Current meta stellaris starbases are always 1 of 4 things (and really only usually 3)

  1. Trading hubs, which can only be in systems with inhabited planets. Every module slot is filled with trading hubs and the first building is an offworld trading company, other building slots are a deep space black site for the unity and past that kind of irrelevant so chuck a silo on there or something to store more stuff or hydroponics for free food.

  2. Anchorages, which have nothing but anchorage modules and a naval logistics office to boost their effectiveness. Since you need a lot of them and they don’t do a lot on their own most people stick them into black holes or systems where they can build a curator think tank or art college so their building slots are less useless.

  3. Shipyards, 6 shipyard modules +fleet academy +crew quarters + optional titan/colossus assembly yards. You don’t need many of these since you can build 6 ships at a time.

  4. Bastions - Every module slot is filled with weapons and every building is things to boost weapons, always with a defense grid supercomputer if you have it unlocked. great in theory, in practice though they’re bad for the same reason turtling in an RTS is bad. You could have spent all those minerals and maintenance costs on making a much larger fleet that lets you expand instead of being useless as soon as you make an aggressive incursion. Plus all the other starbase types let you build defense platforms anyway so they pack a similar punch while also giving other bonuses.


Been posting my impressions of the stream in this thread.
Had so much fun watching this! Kudos, Austin, Rob, and Danielle!

Loving the stream, y’all. Listening to the crew role play has made me start to engage more fully with the games I’m playing. I went back to CK2, Stellaris, Wasteland 2, and XCOM:WotC to make distinct characters and make more interesting choices, and I have to say: I haven’t felt this entertained by my games in a long time.


Really enjoying this series.
There is a surprising lack of “multiple people play grand strategy” streams.
Often, if people are roleplaying or streaming grand strategy anything, it’s multiplayer, with folk divided up to different factions/nations.
I think my favorite aspect of this stream is the moral questions the crew are encountering, and how it intersects with current politics.

There is a recent article by the Atlantic, where the author, Sigal Samuel interviewed moral philosophers whether there was an ethical way to act in Syria.

What exactly was the moral course of action?

Most of them describe what they would believe would make for a just war policy.

  1. You need to have a just cause.

I think the crew and audience are pretty unanimous on removing slavery as a just cause.
How far should the Striven go?
Should they install independent anti-slavery governments, or directing take on the former slaves as new citizens, granting them their utopian policies, “fully funded food, housing, income, & education,” that an independent new government might neither afford or implement.

  1. the intervention has to achieve more good than harm.

This is a tricky question with regard to the mechanics of the Stellaris. Everything is abstracted.
You could look at policies, the living conditions of species in the nation, and at the happiness of the population units to get a general idea though.
You could argue that forcing an anti slavery change in the government of a nation, would move generations of slaves and pops to happier lives and living conditions.
The harm would be potential loss of life by military action, and the general unhappiness and unrest of installing a new government. In less dramatic affairs, there’s diplomatic harm to the Striven. Other nations view military actions poorly, and mechanically it raises “threat”.

3.A rightful intervention must  also have a reasonable chance of success.

As Austin, and Rob have pointed out. The Striven want to proceed without their own citizens becoming slaves. They neighbor marauding slavers, that further complicates the success of military intervention. Will the Striven be successful if it’s military ignores the slavers stealing Striven Citizens, due to war exhaustion from entangling with a foreign power.
Currently, it seems like the Marauders host fleets that can’t be challenged, but the fleet tech will soon catch up, & it will become a real consideration.

4. The intervener has to have the right intentions.

it’s possible for a leader to do the right thing for the wrong reason. But if he’s not imbued with virtuous intentions, he may get one action right and yet be likely to get the next several actions terribly wrong.

Are the intentions of the crew to entertain an audience with a challenging military scenario?
Is the intention of the Striven, mostly to land grab neighboring hostile nations?
I think the intention to remove slavery is legitimate, but it might be something for the Striven to keep in mind as they progress.
I’m interested in seeing how this Stellaris campaign shakes out!
Thanks for putting time out to share it with us!


just caught up with the latest stream

The aliens that look like floating bagpipes ARE super adorable.

I’d vote for committing to ending slavery in the galaxy. If the game offers no other options than warfare, than so be it. The space penis mushrooms to the right seem to be the best target right now. Bribe the mauraders to raid them and declare ideological war at the same time.

The whole being genetically pre disposed to loving owning slaves thing is weird and a stumbling block to the entire premise of this playthrough. If there’s a tech workaround in the game, use it.


This is why I love Waypoint streams so much. I love watching collaborative playthroughs of otherwise single player games, especially where there’s lots of thinking involved.


Stellaris has been a really good game for both discussing strategy among the crew and moral conundrums that their particular situation has set up. The friction that’s brought out is quite good, Rob not wanting sentient robots, Danielle advocating peace in all situations, Austin trying to control it all in a productive direction, it’s all very compelling.


Thank you for the informative response!

And also trying to build sentient robots despite Rob’s protests, because robots are cool :rofl:

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