Stellaris Streaming AKA Striven Solar Strategy


The warmongering tendencies are kind of a streaming necessity if not a gameplay necessity tbh. I love stellaris to death, I have hundreds of hours in it but right around 2300 the game slows right the hell down and is very boring if you aren’t doing a lot of wars. They’ve tried to address this with their dlc, apocalypse having the possibility of a great khan at 2350 (or whatever midgame is set to +50 years) and distant stars adding new possible mid game crises with l-gates. Both of those require purchases though and arent guaranteed. If those don’t happen, nothing really picks up until 2450 when the crisis can fire off and fallen empires can awaken.

I love that people are so in to the headcanon parts of this game but trying to be peaceful in stellaris for the ~180 years between endgame and where they are now would be super boring in a way I’m not sure everyone expects.


Just caught up with last week, so much happened! The war with the space mushrooms (that i was in favor of) did not go as well as expected. Biggest blow was the destruction of the empire that was liberated from slavery by its slaver neighbors, enslaving the slaves again (who didn’t seem to mind all that much when Austin viewed their “happiness”)

I was also surprised by the last minute turn to eugenics to solve the stupid “not happy unless owning slaves” trait in the slaver refugees. I support this 100% in the context of this games reality.

I’m also getting a clearer picture of the Strivens murky past, at least in my own narrative. They were as damn near close to a utopian society Stellaris can offer when they emerged into the Galactic scene, and that perfection had some dark costs. The purging of the “assholes” that is only mentioned in passing.

In this version of earth, there was some kind of societal cleansing and the Striven were the result. They told themselves that it was necessary and would only have to happen once. Then they emerged into a universe full of the monsterous traits they had purged from themselves, and went a little crazy. That side of the spiral galaxy would be covered in laser beams and titanic boots crushing homes.

RIP Andrea Braun

(ps not sure where the obsession with mining fits in with all this, maybe it’s a side effect of primitive genetic tampering. or they all long for the cold dark mines where the world makes sense and people don’t need slaves as a trait of their species)


This reminds me, Austin briefly raised a question about how slavery affects pop ethics. Happy enslaved pops drift towards authoritarian, unhappy enslaved pops drift egalitarian. Also reyubb totally invaded a pre-ftl civilization to gain that extra planet.


Caught the first half of this stream live, but only just got caught up to the end. So much action in this one!

I particularly enjoyed Austin’s justifications for genetically modifying the “slavery gene” out. This falls under intolerance of intolerance, right?

@danny, I’m with you! I’d had my eye on Stellaris as a cool looking galactic empire builder, but it was these streams that pushed me to actually buy it. I’m about mid-game on my first playthrough now and absolutely loving it.


That’s so good.
They got rid of the assholes, then went to space to find more assholes.

I’m starting up another new game and having fun as some fanatic militarist materialists.
I really like knowing that somewhere, the previous species you played is out there doing stuff in a new game. I’m trying to roleplay each species, but I generally avoid the real dickish authoritarian playstyles.

Created the Violent Crypt Imperium, a post apocalyptic society of imperial orcs who’s homeworld is a tomb, who mostly seem to mind their own business, but loving running the board on invaders.

Slaving Space Popes in the north and south both called crusades and wound up losing sectors and planets to the VCI.
Gotta figure out how to integrate the new folk. Most of them are species subjugated by the space popes used to colonize worlds the primary species weren’t especially adaptive too.

Might create some vassals, since I went with a imperial playstyle this go around?
Diplomatically, the VCI have a bunch of neighbors at max opinion, and guarantee any local good eggs their independence, but are always just shy of being able to invite them to any pacts or alliances.


what are the situations where you might want to create a vassal from part of your empire rather than just hand off some planets to a sector?


Basically only if you have the Feudal Society Civic (which lets them expand independently), or for some cheesy federation strategies, or I guess in this case, role playing. Vassals don’t provide resources, so sectors are generally always more useful.

Btw, there’s a lot of unclaimed territory to the south of the Striven, has Austin said why he hasn’t been expanding?


They used to be basically a way to cheat yourself more fleet cap without using sectors but 2.0 nerfed the domination tree pretty hard. Now you really only want it if you have a very compelling reason for not wanting a planet, or roleplay space rome I guess.


I’m also getting a clearer picture of the Strivens murky past, at least in my own narrative. They were as damn near close to a utopian society Stellaris can offer when they emerged into the Galactic scene, and that perfection had some dark costs. The purging of the “assholes” that is only mentioned in passing.

The Striven’s background is personally really interesting to me as well. I know it doesn’t exactly fit, but my headcanon is that the Striven Commonwealth was created in the timeline where the XCOM 2 playthrough succeeds. I like the idea of humanity fighting back against enslavement, striving to be better than before, then taking to the stars only to realize, surprise, that there’s even MORE slavery in space. Also, I want to imagine Mort training those big boys.


I use vassals to deal with unhappy conquered pops, and for managing a lot of over cap planets and starports. Easier to give a starport to a vassal than to downgrade it to fit a cap, less benefit with planets.

Integrated pops tend to avoid some of the drama, while sometimes those small governments you create, do some of the propaganda work of realigning the pops politically.

If you pursue the domination tree (you’ll probably pursue all the trees), you get benefits for having vassals, with their population counting toward your fleetcap, and boosting your unity production.


It’s kind of unfortunate they won’t be able to do Distant Stars stuff in this playthrough. Trying to make friends on the other side of an L-gate and dooming the entire galaxy accidentally would be really funny.


Has there been any word on this returning in the near future? Not heard anything myself, but I’m hoping it’s on the horizon. Personally it’s my favourite stream this year and the hiatus is agonising!


God yeah, I’d love to see it return. The series has been, since its inception, a very good chill out video series for me, not to mention I’m invested in the fate of the Striven Solar Empire and the empires surrounding it.


I was always kind of pessimistic about the long term sustainability of this series and I’m thankful it lasted as long as it did. Still hopeful it comes back, but it can be kind of hard to jump into a game like this after months away. So I get it if it doesn’t.


At the end of the latest Bloodborne stream Austin said they had plans to bring it back and wrap it up one way or another when Rob visits the office.


Their fleets overpowered, the Striven Solar Commonwealth had taken heavy losses in their war for liberation towards the Reyubb High Kingdom. The galactic north laid bloody, Striven fleets were missing, and Reyubb were preparing another deadly march.
The Grand Praxis federation allies were fending off attacks from the southern border, and with associates fighting their own skirmishes, the Striven had to fend for themselves.


Dreading the next tough battle, the Striven pooled their resources, and what little the rest of the galaxy could spare, and started rebuilding their fleets, hoping they would be in time to defend against the next big push.
After months behind enemy lines, Strike Force Wyvern, one of commonwealth’s main fleets, returned in scraps, and were welcomed home so they could to lick their wounds.

Led by fleet commander Plort, the Reyubb had started to march, laying waste to Striven’s northern borders while the Striven shipyards worked tirelessly to bolster a retaliation fleet.
In a ray of hope, Alicia Mendez had defied all odds and returned home with much of her Strike Force Titan intact. Once the Striven had combined their main fleets, they regained faith in a strike back against the onslaught of slavers.

Reyubb fleets had been worn down over the long time spent fighting outside their borders, giving Titan a fighting chance, but commander Mendez had made a minor miscalculation. Being a nimble fleet, Reyubb circumvented Striven’s pincher strategy, while slowing down Striven fleets with inhibiting enemy stations, and continuing their raid deeper inside Striven borders.
However, after punching through an intercepting fleet, the Reyubb made a key mistake.
The Reyubb had changed their course to the Wiyler system, and Strike Force Titan caught up, allowing them to retaliate with a vengeance, diluting Reyubbs numbers significantly.
The Striven were preparing for a final push.

Despite prior moral conundrums, the Striven utilised their now copious riches to make a strategic play against Reyubb using the eastern pirate kingdom, and started to push against the Reyubb forces from the north, waging increasingly bloody wars against a relentless force. The Striven numbers were dropping, but commander Mendez kept her ships in line, fighting back fleet after fleet with her ground armies in tow.
After a successful skirmish, the Reyubb sends a retaliation, an impressive fleet with powerful destroyers, pushing back Titan effectively.
The battle of Bistramar left the fleet in tatters, and the Striven were on their last leg in the war.

In a last push, the Striven took what they could of northern Reyubb systems and the long fought war came to an end, there was no clear victor. At the eve of the war, and the news of the dwindling Kessam falling to Ztrakpor hands, Aspirant Andrea Braun came to a rest after a long reign.
The Reyubb war of liberation, after many brutal battles, ended in white peace.
Kessam living inside Striven borders meanwhile learned the error of their ways and adopted the Striven contempt for slavery, may they prosper within the Striven society, and perhaps one day join the ongoing fight to liberate the galaxy.

Thought I’d write a summary of the last Stellaris stream for the purposes of catching the crew up but I got a bit carried away.


It’s also a shame that the stream’s entire concept ended up causing a lot of logistical issues leading to them cancelling or shortening episodes somewhat frequently. It seems like it was really hard to consistently do the 3 person streams but they clearly wanted to do it as an austin/rob/danielle thing as opposed to big boy season just having natalie and everyone else can just kind of rotate on the couch as they’re available.


In the end this made the series better, even if it was short-lived or inconsistent. I was there for the dynamic as much as the game.

I’ll say, even as someone that loves Stellaris, it’s not really a game that is “finished” often, even in an ideal setting. I’ve never personally won a game despite hundreds of hours invested. I usually make peace with the status of my galaxy and my civilizations place within it and move on to the next one. The expansion and discovery phase is where most of the fun factor is in a game like this unless you’re really into slowly warring your way to total galactic domination. There isn’t a great avenue for politicking your way to victory in Stellaris (yet?), which is I think what should have been the end goal of the Striven over all this warring.


I have to agree with this sentiment. I have, in my hundreds of hours of play since this series started and convinced me to give this game a try, sunk hundreds of hours into it (248 hours according to Steam, to be exact) and I have won all of once. It’s a game with a super strong start game and a pretty okay middle and a super weak end game. I’m sad Striven Solar Commonwealth will ride likely one last time, but I’m excited to see how they wrap things up.


I don’t bemoan the concept, i just wish it didn’t make the schedule so necessarily inconsistent. The dynamic was great but i would at least have liked to see them play long enough to see a Great Khan.