Stellaris Streaming AKA Striven Solar Strategy


It looks like a good solution


It sounded like Rob was making his visit to the office this week, so look forward to the last Stellaris stream soon.


Austin also confirmed a Stellaris stream coming this week (I think) on last Fridays’ NMS stream.

Get hype for the dramatic conclusion of the Striven Solar Commonwealth - which, let’s face it, is probably “get demolished by the OP end-game crisis”


I am very excited!


There’s almost no way they play long enough for the crisis in one sitting. With default settings it fires at 2450, which iirc is something like 180 in game years away for them


That was an amazing series.
I’m still thinking about those Big Boy troops attacking that space station as they were moving from system to system.

it was a tiny 200 v 900 battle but conceptually it sounded cool as heck.

Like what if Space Marines but they are the size of buildings?
I guess they were also supported by several swarms of probots.


While it’s a shame they never got to see any of the midgame/endgame crisis stuff or anything from the latest expansion that was still a hell of a finale.


Yeah! I really wish we had been able to see an end game crisis or even a Great Khan! (The latter of which I’ve never seen even in my own games, bc I haven’t played since this update!) But I’m about as happy as I could be with the end of that stream. I so wish we could continue because it feels like things are still just heating up, but… What a perfect cap off to where we started.

May we always strive for a better world.


Alright, now onto the next great grand space strategy stream. Austin, Danielle, and Rob gonna play some Endless Space 2.

Edit: Don’t know if this was posted in chat but I found Danielle’s shark people in Stellaris.


Have you thought about posting the save file anywhere? Someone expressed interest in seeing what the galaxy would look like in 100 years but you couldn’t do that via console because of ironman. I’m sure at least some of the waypoint community would like a crack at it.


Yes! Just uploaded the save right here. Enjoy, and let me know how it goes!


So, I think this might not be the proper save somehow. It’s for 2280, reyubb and ztrakpor both currently still exist.

edit: it appears to be immediately after the 1st reyubb war, so the one the finale streams started on?


Huhhhh weird. I’ll see if I can find another one. I’m having all sorts of weirdness with the cloud save system.


If the save is lost to time it’s not a big deal because it’s not a huge missing gap playing at fastest. Stellaris literally and figuratively slows down at the endgame, so dropping 70 years towards the start isn’t as big a deal as 2380 to 2450. IDK about the other people who clicked on it but i basically mimicked what you guys did and kept playing through 2400. Probably going to finish out through the endgame crisis/compile the screenshots in the next day or so. No Great Khan at 2350, unfortunately so no radical shakeups with how expensive claims get


Well, finished up last night. it took the crisis forever to happen so the game went on really, really long. I’ve broken up the screenshots into annotated chunks.

There were some slight changes from thing that didn’t happen or happened differently. Notably the huloog never went in support of the slavers with a defensive pact this time in this timeline and remained pretty alright for most of the game. Also the Avar/Michael Bird Jordan war didn’t go as well for the birds and they lost more territory than previous.

present-2350, basically re-doing what was missing:

2350-2400, we hardly knew ye, bebaki high kingdom:

2400-2450, Jingoistic reclaimers and also why battleships are bad actually, Rob:

2450-2500, wasn’t the crisis supposed to happen by now? Oh well better end slavery instead:

2500-End, Well hell, it’s about time or The only ethical use for a planet cracker:

It was a hell of a ride


This is rad. im totally jumping back into this.


Wow, great ending for the Striven!


Took me a while to catch all 6ish hours of the final 2 episodes but what a fantastic and flawless ending to a great series. Wish I had a team-based, RP focused Stellaris stream to watch forever. I’ve tried watching some streams on Twitch and it’s almost always min-maxers that play the game like I do. So hats off Austin, Danielle and Rob for the great time I had watching, even if I wasn’t able to catch most of it live. I hope people go back and discover this series over time. There’s a lot of fun to be had even if you aren’t familiar with the mechanics of the game (I think anyways). Definitely going to miss it