Still Inscrutable, Still Short of Greatness, 'Shadowkeep' Is Destiny at Its Best

I remember the first time I saw the Hellmouth, one of the more visually striking locations on the Moon in Destiny. It was 2014, Destiny had just launched, and I was devouring the campaign as quickly as I could. This was before I knew how broken and barebones the base game was at launch, so everything felt new and exciting. I explored the Hellmouth, a massive hole in the surface of the Moon, meant to signify the power of the Hive, the chittering insect-like enemies I had just encountered on Earth. I looked down into it and saw a ledge, so I jumped. I immediately hit a kill zone, and my character ragdolled into oblivion. Part of Bungie’s initial promise of an expansive living world chipped away that day, and it wouldn’t be the last.

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